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What is Kisha Royse’s net worth? Is Kisha Royse married?


Kisha Royse is an American fashion and beauty YouTuber.

She is also an entrepreneur who sells various makeup related products, which she promotes on her many social media channels.

The Origin Story

Kisha Royse was born in Morehead, Kentucky, and comes from a tight-knit southern family.

Royse was raised by her mother and father, who both worked a lot, which is where she adopted the philosophy that hard work is necessary for success. 

Kisha was always very studious, and from a young age, she knew exactly what she aspired to be when she grew up – a makeup artist.


She landed her first job while she was attending high school, and that was as a cosmetic specialist at a beauty store.

It was during this job that Royse discovered she actually had the skills to become a professional makeup artist.

Kisha believed it would be an easy role to get into with her talent and unwavering interest.

Following her high school graduation, the aspiring makeup artist attended cosmetology school and became a licensed cosmetologist.

Started Her Own Business

Royse had always been a sharpshooter, so working for someone didn’t appeal to her.

Kisha decided she wanted to pursue entrepreneurship, so she did.

In 2016, Royse sharted her own beauty business, “Kishas Hidden Coverage with Kisha Royse.”

She sells makeup and skincare products which are promoted on her company website and all her socials.

It doesn’t appear that Royse collaborated with any major brand, and if that is the case, that would make her company entirely self-made. 

According to her Facebook page, she always knew what she wanted, and she fought for it through hard work and dedication.

She wrote: “Kish is Empowering, Uplifting and Validating women across the world to not be afraid of who they are! That’s just what I do!

Failure Before Success

Following her success, Royse has shared, on multiple occasions, the reality of her career and what it took to reach the pinnacle of success she is at.

From the onset, she had multiple failed attempts, but nothing significant enough to stop her from trying again.

Royse has credited the support of her social media followers for her ability to overcome hurdles. Because if it wasn’t for their unwavering support, she would have not had the platform to build her brand.

Social Media

Speaking of followers, she has a significant following across all platforms, and it all started out on Facebook.

Since her account went live on April 18, 2016, it has acquired over 678K followers, and over 386K Facebook users like the page.

Royse uses the platform primarily to promote her company but also includes a lot of family-related content.

She has a very close family so her fans are regularly treated with videos that include her two children, parents and her mamaw.

And like all other social media celebrities, Royse uses Instagram to promote her brand, since the platform is designed to be a mechanism to build your business image for free.

Her Instagram account also includes a lot of family content.


Royse has a relatively successful TikTok account as well, which she seems to utilize the most out of all other accounts.

Her channel allows her to create a lot more live content for her viewers.

Most of of her videos are short clips of her doing a quick makeup tutorial while using her personal makeup and beauty products.

Kisha is an amateur singer and posts a lot of her raw singing videos on her TikTok account, which garners a lot of views.

She also posts many videos of horses, one of which appears to belong to her. In addition to her makeup obsession, it is clear she also has an obsession with horses.


Kisha also has a YouTube account that doesn’t get used, which is somewhat of a mystery.

Her channel only has four videos but and the most recent one was uploaded in 2019.

Royse made videos on celebrity-inspired looks as well as makeup tutorials.

She doesn’t appear to have any major collaborations with brands according to her content, so it would appear she created her brand single handedly from the ground up.

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Husband & Children

Aside from her successful profession life, she is also a family to two young children, her boy Jayse, and little girl, Trinity.

According to Kisha Royse’s social media, she is a single mom of her children but receives a lot of help from her family.

She spends a lot of time with them around horses and extended family.

Kisha Royse – Net Worth

Royse earned most of her wealth from managing her business. She uses social media to promote herself.

Kisha bought a house in 2019.

“It is officially official y’all,” she announced on Facebook. “I own my first ever home.’

Therefore, Kisha Royse has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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