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Randy Spears is a retired American #####graphic director and actor who is noted among adult movies actors for his comedic acting talent. He has appeared in well over 720 features.


He was born on June 18th, 1961, in Kankakee, Illinois, United States.

Randy went to California in the 1980s to do straight acting. He had some moderate success in acquiring several minor roles.

For instance, in the 1988 comedy ”Sexpot,” Randy Spears played the role of Damon. Furthermore, he appeared in the horror-comedy ”Critters 2: The Main Course,” in the same year.Randy Spears

In 1987, he was introduced to the porn industry by Ona Zee, the stage name of an American #####graphic model and actress, who starred in over 300 adult movies.

Randy’s best-known #####graphic film series is the ”Sex Trek movies” that parody ”Star Trek.” In these movies, Randy played the lead role Captain Quirk, that spoofed Captain Kirk in the series.

In 2011, Spears shot his last film in the #####graphy film industry. At the end of the shootings of the movie, he has broken down in tears.

ReligionRandy Spears

In 2015, Randy publicly announced that he had left the adult movie industry. He turned to Christianity.

He shared his unique story with an online ministry dedicated to helping people who suffer from #### and sex addiction, called ”XXX Church.”

”At the height of my career, I was a Christian. I was raised that way and remained a Christian throughout my career,” said Randy Spears. He continued:

”I just had one foot in and one foot out. The dedication to my faith and my Creator took a back seat to the lifestyle I wanted to live. Women became idols to me, along with the money — and then a whole new idol, fame, and it was a triple threat at that point.”


Danielle Rogers
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On October 6, 1990, he married Danielle Rogers, who was also in the porn industry (note – in 1993, Danielle focused on raising their two children and took a temporary hiatus from the adult cinema). Randy and Danielle divorced in 2000.

TriviaRandy Spears

Spears had been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. Note – the persons inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame must have “a minimum of 10 years in the industry” and to have “made significant contributions to the adult industry” to be considered for induction.

In a 2015 interview, he said that he had drug problems during his time in the adult business. Additionally, Spears states that a vicious circle kept him in the business all those years.

Randy was best friends with the late Jon Dough (an American pornographic actor who worked steadily from 1985 to 2006), with whom he entered the business at around the same time.


Randy Spears

“I had to go to work, to do the ####, so that I could buy the drugs, to bury the pain of doing the ####. So I’d go to work, and do the ####, so I could buy the drugs, to bury the pain. And around and around it went.”

“I have never, and will never, ‘thump’ anyone with the book that I firmly believe was God-inspired, protected through the ages, true, and which I carry under my arm to church every Sunday.”

”I am Randy Spears. I am also Greg. P### was my job, my life, my universe, and I was deeply immersed in it.”

”Straight employers rent out tapes but don’t like their actors to do X.”

Randy Spears – Net Worth

Randy Spears’ estimated net worth is at $0.75 million.



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