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Editorial & Disclosure Policy

Our Editorial Values

At Famous People Today, our goal is to provide our readers with high-quality, well-researched, accurate, impartial content centered on the net worth and biographies of celebrities, influencers, and people of interest.

We aim to keep our editorial process transparent and easy to understand, whilst maintaining the integrity of data and disclosure in our content.

Below, you can learn more about our editorial process and practices, including how we may be compensated via content provided at

Our Editorial Process

As a content-driven platform, Famous People Today prioritizes:

  • Finding the correct net worth estimates for celebrities and people of interest; and
  • Gathering accurate information about the backgrounds, vital statistics, careers, and relevant news related to celebrities and people of interest; and
  • Answering readers’ questions relating to the lives and careers of celebrities and people of interest; and
  • Crafting other articles relating to topics our readers may enjoy.

Our editorial team at Famous People Today uses four core writers with comprehensive experience in researching, writing, fact-checking, and editing quality celebrity content.

Whilst our writers follow a consistent editorial style guide, Famous People Today remains open to reader feedback on how to improve our content.

Our Editorial Code of Ethics


Famous People Today is committed to providing accurate, fair, unbiased information and images. We do not use headlines that do not support the related content (also known as ‘clickbait’ headers).

All content is updated annually to reflect the dynamic nature of celebrity net worth and news.


Famous People Today provides accurate references and reliably sourced information relating to its subject matter. To the best of our writers’ ability, we work to provide context to all content and to include relevant facts.

Our articles include clearly hyperlinked text where relevant.


Due impartiality will be applied to all subject matter, with subjects being afforded an unbiased discovery of information and a diversity of opinion.


Famous People Today acknowledges that mistakes can be made. We endeavor to address these and correct them as required.

Attribution and Plagiarism

Famous People Today publishes only original content and does not present other media outlets’ reporting as its own. When utilizing quotes or news from other media outlets, these will be clearly attributed to the original sources.

As part of the editorial process, sources are checked by the editorial team for validity.