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Demiqua Sa’Sha Brumfield Net Worth | Spouse

What is Demiqua Sa’Sha Brumfield’s net worth?


Being a celebrity can often mean having every aspect of our life played out in front of the world.

The pressure to maintain their public image can be a source of stress and worry.

Many celebrities try to keep their personal lives as private as possible to protect their family members and children from public scrutiny.

This is definitely the case for Zane R. Copeland Jr. (aka Zane or Lil Zane) and his wife.

Known as Demiqua Sa’Sha Brumfield, the wife of rapper and actor Lil Zane, is quite the mysterious woman with barely any photos and no known social media presence.

Everything We Know About Lil Zane’s Wife

Demiqua Sa'Sha Brumfield spouse lil zane


Zane is a New York-born rapper, actor, and entrepreneur.

Lil Zane made his musical debut in 2000 when he released his first and most popular album called Young World: The Future. But, just one year before he dropped his first album, he began dating a woman named Demiqua Sa’Sha Brumfield in 1999.

It’s believed that her birthday is February 26th, and she is estimated to be in her thirties.

After Demiqua and Zane started dating in 1999, the pair got married in 2001.

Demiqua and Lil Zane welcomed their daughter, Nina, to the world in the year 2010.

Aside from these details, Zane hasn’t shared a lot of information about his wife, many people speculate whether or not they are still married.

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Are Lil Zane and Demiqua Sa’Sha Brumfield Still Together?


In 2016 a video was released on The Shade Room of a rapper who appeared to be Lil Zane proposing to a woman at a club.

In the video, he stated that they had been dating for three years, and she was his support system.

What does this mean for his wife?

Some sources believe that Demiqua Sa’Sha Brumfield is no longer married to Zane, while others claim they are, in fact, still married.

Many celebrities who are married to people who aren’t in the industry choose to keep their marriages private to safeguard their relationships.

Several sources state that the couple has been together for the last twenty-one years.

Whether or not this is the case for Demiqua and Zane, we certainly hope that they’re both happy and being the best possible parents to their daughter.

Demiqua Sa’Sha Brumfield – Net Worth

Demiqua Sa’Sha Brumfield has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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