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Frida Sofia Net Worth $1 Million

What is Frida Sofia’s net worth?

Frida Sofia is a Mexican Instagram star, model, and fitness instructor who has a net worth of $1 million. She is known for starting her own fitness site to help motivate women who were interested in the fitness community.

She is also a singer and songwriter and released her first song single in 2019, “Andale.” 

Frida Sofia was born on February 14, 1992, in Mexico.

While there is not much public information on her childhood, we do know that her mother is Alejandra Guzman. The highly-driven social media star grew up in an unconventional environment around singers and performers.

Frida Sofia and her mother Alejandra Guzman

Alejandra Guzman and Frida Sofia – @Getty

This is perhaps the reason she pursued a career in modeling and singing.


Sofia’s parents were famous before her birth but their relationship ended just before she was born.

They began a relationship in the late 1980s, but this only lasted until 1992, when the couple divorced.

Following the divorce, her mom entered into a relationship with American businessman Farrell Goodman, and they married in 1998.

The relationship came to a halting stop when it was discovered that Goodman was smuggling drugs in Germany.

The divorce was followed by yet another married in 2002.

Following a few years of dating, she married Gerardo Gomez de la Borbolla.

And yet again, the married would face the same fate as her previous ones.

The couple divorced in 2004 when Sofia was 12 years old. By this time, she has experienced various father figures in her life in addition to her biological father.

Road To Success


During her youth, Sofia mainly lived out of the spotlight and was free to pursue the lifestyle she desired, be in entertainment or something more conventional.

Following her high school graduation, she enrolled at Miami International University of Art & Design, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising.

It was around the time she was a student at university that she became intrigued by a career in fitness and also aspired to pursue a career in modeling.

It was not too long after her graduation that she began seeking various modeling opportunities.

In part due to her being the daughter of a famous Mexican singer, she landed a significant gig with the one and only “Playboy.”

Sofia did a semi-nude photo shoot for the magazine rather than fully nude, which is what the magazine is known for.

She did so well with this gig that she was named “Playboy Miss February 2015,” which was a considerable accomplishment that catapulted her career.

Frida Sofia playboy photoshoot


By the time Sofia made a name for herself, the attention she had gained was no longer due to being the daughter of her famous mother.

This was something she had desired since she was a young girl, and she finally found a way to achieve it.

Following Sofia’s big win with Playboy magazine, her next career move was to expand her reach via different digital mediums.

Her goal at this point was to build a fitness brand for herself, so her profiles were used to help promote her love for health and fitness.

She wanted to become a pillar of fitness for the female community and hoped to shape a community of like-minded females who supported each other through their fitness journeys.

Her initial approach was through teaching online classes and creating fitness instructional videos that were aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle centered around health & fitness.

She immediately created an Instagram account. 

Not too long after her Instagram account was set up, her following reached well over 1 million subscribers, which was also partly due to her already inflated brand.

Her fans ranged from fitness enthusiasts to other Instagram models.



But Sofia didn’t stop there.

She is the daughter of a prominent singer, so it came as no surprise when she decided to pursue a singing career.

In 2019, Sofia surprised her fans and followers with the release of her first single, “Andale.”

While she utilizes her Instagram account to promote her brand, she doesn’t combine her fitness brand with her singing brand.

Most of her career is very much compartmentalized.

Since her fitness career was doing so well, the next logical step to take was to create her own website catered to her fitness business.

Less than one year after her Instagram account went live, she also established a website to sell all of her health products, personalized fitness plans, beauty products, and music.

While she doesn’t regularly teach fitness as of 2022, she is still a certified personal trainer and has taken courses in nutrition.

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Aside from her professional career, Sofia is a very family-oriented woman and spends a lot of time with her family.

In 2015, Frida Sofia married her long-term boyfriend, American entrepreneur Luis Escamilla.

The union only lasted two years, and they ended up divorcing in 2017.

She has not publicly stated that she has been in any other relationship following the divorce.

This could be in part due to her busy schedule as a model and singer.

Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Frida Sofia worth? Frida Sofia has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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