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Emily Weiss Net Worth | Fiancé

Emily Weiss Net Worth – $15 million

What is Emily Weiss’s net worth? Is Emily Weiss married?


Emily Weiss is the founder of Glossier, a large cosmetics company.

She is also the owner of the blog ‘Into the Gloss.’

The Origin Story

She was born on March 22, 1985. She was raised by a stay-at-home mother in Wilton, Connecticut, and her father worked for Pitney Bowes as an Executive.

Weiss’ hard-working attitude and ambition were apparent from a young age.

During high school, she interned at Ralph Lauren twice and also had a modeling career.

She attended New York University from 2003-2007, obtaining her degree in studio art.

Whilst she was at college, she interned at Teen Vogue and appeared on the popular show ‘The Hills’ for a few episodes.

She played the character ‘Emily: New York Intern’ and was known by fans and characters alike as the super intern.

W Magazine

what is the net worth of Emily Weiss


Following her graduation, Emily Weiss worked as a fashion assistant at W Magazine.

She also worked for Vogue as an on-set styling assistant. She worked under acclaimed stylist Elissa Santisi.

Into the Gloss

In September 2010, Weiss launched the blog ‘Into the Gloss.’

The blog featured interviews with different women on all things beauty and style-related.

Weiss worked her day job at Vogue and then worked on the blog in the mornings, meaning she regularly worked twelve-hour days.

She would work on the blog every morning from 4 AM to 8 AM.

By 2012, the site reached over 200,000 unique visitors every month.

Popular series such as ‘Top Shelf’ as well as interviewing high-profile stars like Karlie Kloss saw the site skyrocket in popularity.

By 2016, this site had an audience of over 1.3 million visitors.

Weiss still worked her day job at this time, only quitting after she had employed a team to work on her site and was reaching over ten million page views every month.


Emily Weiss Net Worth


In 2014, Glossier was born. Weiss approached investors with the idea of creating an ‘Into the Gloss’ e-commerce platform, receiving $2 million in seed funding from venture capitalists, including Kirsten Green. was launched using this initial investment.

The first four products for Glossier launched in October 2014.

Sheek skin tint and moisturizer were two of the products included in this initial launch.

Glossier’s products are marketed toward women hoping to achieve minimalist, natural make-up looks.

Glossier’s popularity skyrocketed with the ‘no make-up, make-up’ trend that circulated on social media, wherein users tried to create super minimalist make-up looks.

Weiss pitched the brand to 12 companies, with 11 not interested. However, the company was able to raise $52 million in the Series C round of funding.

Weiss utilized this to create a beauty brand that changed the face of beauty.

The online retailer has now amassed a cult-like following on social media platforms.

Weiss became one of the few female CEOs of a unicorn company when Glossier was valued at $1.2 billion in March 2019.

Glossier sells most of its products online and relies on a loyal online community to thrive.

Any of their launches sees the rise in trending Glossier hashtags, with users begging the brand to ‘take their money.’

In 2022, Glossier laid off more than 80 employees.

Weiss left her position as CEO of Glossier in May 2022.

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Emily Weiss is engaged to Will Gaybrick.

Will Gaybrick, fiance of Emily Weiss


He is a senior executive at Stripe, a financial services and software company. In 2023, Gaybrick was promoted to President, Product, and Business at Stripe.

They have kept their relationship notoriously private.

However, the couple first posted a picture of themselves together on Instagram in 2019 and announced their engagement in March 2020.

Weiss was previously married to Diego Dueñas.

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Little is known about her family, as she prefers to keep them out of the public eye.

Weiss does state that she has a very normal everyday life and regularly spends time with her friends from college.

“On Fridays, I go to my friend’s apartment, and we make pizzas with her two-year-old,” Weiss stated in an interview with The Guardian.

Her daughter, Clara Lion Weissbrick, was born in June 2022.

“The best gift ever — six months of Clara Lion,” Weiss wrote on her Instagram in December 2022.

Emily Weiss – Net Worth

glossier net worth


So, how much is Emily Weiss worth?

Weiss’ income comes from her entrepreneurial pursuits.

She still owns a large portion of Glossier, which is worth over $1.2 billion. 

She is also still making money from the blog ‘Into the Gloss.’

The CEO has amassed a sizeable Instagram following, where she shares a lot of behind-the-scenes Glossier content. “Instagram’s an incredible tool,” she told Tech Crunch in September 2018.

She has also shared images of her home in New York, where she currently resides within walking distance of the Glossier headquarters.

Therefore, American businesswoman Emily Weiss has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

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