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Will Gaybrick Net Worth

Will Gaybrick Net Worth – $10 million

What is Will Gaybrick’s net worth? Who is Will Gaybrick’s fiancée?


William “Will” Gaybrick is an American entrepreneur and businessman.

He is best known as the President, Product & Business at the “financial infrastructure platform,” Stripe.

The Origin Story

Gaybrick was born on December 27th, 1984, in Washington, DC.

He was raised in the US capital and attended the prestigious private school, St. Albans.

He then went on to study math at Harvard University, where he dazzled co-students and staff alike with his quick and incisive mind.

Gaybrick worked as an analyst for the Blackstone Group following graduation.

This only lasted for a short time before he relocated to New York City, where he had aspirations towards establishing himself on the nascent start-up scene in the city.

Law Degree and Thrive Capital

What is Will Gaybrick's net worth


After a brief stint working as an engineer, where he specialized in understanding systems and offering solutions to the problems inevitably generated therein, Gaybrick switched tack.

He decided to study for a Juris Doctor at Yale, and in 2009 began his second degree.

During his studies at Yale, a former Harvard classmate of his from Harvard – Josh Kushner – talked Gaybrick into working for his venture company on a part-time basis.

While finishing his degree, Gaybrick spent much of his free time shuttling back and forth between Connecticut and NYC, attending investment meetings.

After graduating, the now-lawyer worked full-time at Thrive Capital.

Colleagues would recall his holing up for up to 19 hours a day, eating nothing but salmon sashimi as he poured all of his energy into the company.

Gaybrick distinguished himself as the CEO of the data platform,

Segment, by running the last mile to their meeting so as not to be late. The CEO in question, Peter Reinhardt, decided that Gaybrick’s “raw horsepower” was the kind of energy he wanted on his board of directors.


In 2015, Gaybrick left Thrive Capital to become the Chief Financial Officer at Stripe.

Gaybrick is often credited as a huge part of Stripe’s initial success; he ran a heavy recruitment drive that saw the company’s staff increase tenfold, and managed to headhunt some big names in the business, including former JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs staff.

Such was Gaybrick’s performance that the senior managers at Stripe decided to promote him to Chief Product Officer (CPO) rather than go for an outside hire.

Gaybrick continued in his role of CFO while they searched for a suitable replacement; it would be two more years, however, before they could find somebody to fill his shoes.

In February 2023, Gaybrick earned a further promotion: President, Product and Business.

He remains in this position at the time of writing.


Gaybrick is engaged to American businesswoman Emily Weiss, founder and ex-CEO of the cosmetics company Glossier.

Emily Weiss Net Worth


The two announced that they were expecting a child in June of 2022; Weiss gave birth to their child, a girl, on June 29th.

Gaybrick and Weiss have yet to announce a date for their wedding at the time of writing.

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Will Gaybrick – Net Worth

So, how much is Will Gaybrick worth? Gaybrick earned most of his wealth from working at Stripe since November 2015. “Stripe is a software company that provides economic infrastructure for technology companies,” Will explained in an interview in 2019. He added: “Our primary focus is on software developers.” Therefore, Will Gaybrick has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

He became President, Product and Business at Stripe in early 2023.

In January 2023, Stripe received a valuation of $63 billion, and $50 billion in February 2023.

Previously, Will was a co-founder of Maple Food Co — a company that used to provide catering services. It was acquired by Deliveroo.

From August 2010 to March 2011, Gaybrick worked as a Software Engineer at Milewise, and he was also a General Partner at Thrive Capital for several years.

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