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Jacob Wheeler Net Worth 2024

Jacob Wheeler Net Worth – $2 million

What is Jacob Wheeler’s net worth? Also, who is Jacob Wheeler’s wife?


Jacob Wheeler is a professional American fisherman who is most notably recognized for being named the 2017 Bassmaster Elite Champion.

In addition to this accomplishment, he was crowned the Bassfest Champion in 2014.

Jacob’s tournament winnings far surpass USD 2.5 million, and that includes ten major professional wins under his belt. 

He has claimed four Bass Pro Tour wins, a Major League Fishing World Championship, and two Bassmaster Elite Series wins.

Known for his sheer dedication, he is one of the most feared fishermen in bass fishing.

To date, he has won all three major trails: the Bassmaster Elite Series, MLF Bass Pro Tour, and the FLW Tour.

Jacob is also known for his wide range of casting techniques, how fast he fishes, and his ability to prepare to win tournaments consistently.

He has competed and won in the highland reservoirs, grass fisheries, and the Tennessee River Lakes. Jacob is predicted to become an all-time great of fishing.

The Origin Story

Jacob Wheeler was born on September 18, 1990, in Harrison, Tennessee.

His mom is Lynn Wheeler, a teacher, and his dad is Curtis Wheeler, a construction contractor.

Jacob is the brother of two sisters, Amber and Kaitlin Wheeler.

His mom homeschooled him and his two sisters throughout elementary school because his parents did not want them in public school due to the potential to get into trouble. 

During high school, Jacob continued to be homeschooled, but this time by a network of instructors.

He would commute to their homes, and the classes comprised of 12 students or less.

When he graduated high school, he decided not to pursue post-secondary but instead, to focus on his fishing career.


Jacob proposed to his long-time girlfriend in 2016, and they married in October 2017.

They welcomed their first baby girl, Olivia Hollyn Wheeler, on January 22, 2019.

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what is the net worth of Jacob Wheeler


Jacob’s passion for bass fishing began at a young age and was primarily influenced by his family.

His father and uncle, Morry Wheeler, were members of the Circle City Bass Hookers, a BASS-affiliated club. Therefore, they became his teachers and mentors.

His first lesson was for his seventh birthday in 1997 when his uncle Morry and dad took him fishing.

This is where the passion began, and fishing trips became an annual event. “They used to set the hook and let me reel in,” Wheeler said. “That’s when my passion for fishing started to grow.”

By the young age of 8, Jacob learned to catch his bass confidently with a pre-rigged worm and a push-button reel. 

Two years later, he entered the Bassmaster Junior tournaments and did so well that his parents bought him his first bass boat. From here, his career officially began.

In addition to his training on the boat, another significant milestone was when Jacob began learning about the bass fishing sport by regularly reading the youth section of his dad’s weekly subscription to the BASS newsletter, and stumbled upon a call for applicants.

“It said they were looking for new young anglers to finish Junion Bassmaster tournaments,” Wheeler said. I got so excited when I read it; I went screaming for my dad.”

From this point on, he began regularly competing in Bassmaster tournaments.

By the age of 13, Jacob completed numerous Junior Bassmaster tournaments, including a state championships event at Lake Monroe.

In 2004, Jacob entered the Junior Bassmaster Junior Championships on Lake Norman, finishing in the top 10.

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By the age of 17, Jacob’s skill was progressing, and he was continuously winning tournament checks.

When Jacob wasn’t fishing or participating in tournaments, he helped out with his dad’s contracting business which specialized in installing siding, roofing, gutters, and windows. Additionally, he would work as a nanny for family friends.

Working these jobs helped him earn money on his nights off, which was in addition to the money he would make for tournaments, approximately $200-$400.

In 2010 when Jacob was 19, he entered the BFL tournament in Grand Lake St. Mary’s, Ohio.

He tied for the first prize and took home $4,000. This high achievement and victory qualified him for the 2011 BFL All-American at Cross Lake near Shreveport, La. 

He won first place and took home his first $100,000 prizewinner check. “Winning the All-American is the whole reason I’m fishing professionally,” Wheeler said.

In 2011, Jacob went on to compete in the FLW Tour, and in 2012, he won the Forest Wood Cup at Georgia’s Lake Lanier and took home his highest winnings yet; $500,000.

Jacob was 21 years old at the time of this win, making him the youngest bass fisherman to win the Forest Wood Cup.

In 2014, Jacob entered the Bassfest at Chickamauga Lake tournament, and he took home first prize and a $100,000 check.

In addition to the award, his victory garnered him a ticket to the 2015 Bassmaster Classic at Lake Hartwell in South Carolina, where he came in 14th place.

Jacob went on to enter the Northern and Southern Open’s AOY in 2016 and finished 2nd and 5th place, respectively.

2017 marked the first year he would compete in the Elite Series where he entered the Bassmaster Elite at Cherokee Lake.

The Elite Series of competitions would naturally ignite stress, considering he was against the “masters,” but Jacob persevered and took home 1st place as usual.

Jacob continued to enter Elite Series tournaments and his next few competitions garnered him 3rd, 7th, and 2nd place.

Despite his level of untouchable accomplishment, Jacob continues to sacrifice his time and work hard, constantly training for the next big tournament.

He spends his downtime teaching himself new techniques and working to maintain his champion status.

In 2023, Wheeler won his eighth MLF Bass Pro Tour.

Jacob Wheeler – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Jacob Wheeler worth? Wheeler earned most of his wealth from his tournament winnings, social media, and sponsors. Therefore, professional angler Jacob Wheeler has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

On YouTube, Wheeler has over 24 million views, meaning about $75k in revenue. 

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