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Andrew Yang Net Worth | Wife

What is Andrew Yang’s net worth? Who is Andrew Yang’s wife?


Entrepreneur and politician based in the US, Andrew Yang, has worked for and founded numerous startups and nonprofits.

Most recently, Andrew became known for his surprising 2020 campaign as a candidate for the Democratic presidential primaries.

Most notable is his advocacy and popularization of a universal basic income (UBI) that serves as compensation for job displacement by automation.

In 2021, he also campaigned for the NYC Democratic mayoral primary but receded after ranking fourth in the initial voting.

Though lately primarily perceived as such by the public, a closer look at Yang’s CV reveals him to be more than a politician but also an innovative polymath.

The Origin Story

Born in 1975 to his Taiwanese immigrant parents, Andrew grew up a county boy in the state of New York and spent most of his educational periods there, except for an excursion to New Hampshire for boarding school.

Though often bullied as a grade-skipping Asian kid in public school, it did not stop him from competing for the world championship as a member of the 1992 national debate team when he was at the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy.

With his father holding a physics PhD, his mother a statistics Master’s degree, it’s unsurprising that Andrew himself went on to earn his Bachelor’s in economics and political sciences from Brown, then a JD from Columbia Law.

But the élite path, which culminated in a six-figure corporate attorney job at Davis Polk & Wardwell in NYC, was not meant for Andrew.


what is the net worth of Andrew Yang


“The five worst months of my life,” Andrew had said of his prestigious but short career as an attorney.

Andrew didn’t just quit because it was a dull job to him, but because he was meant to build something. 

Post-attorney Andrew Yang took on various roles with increasing success.

After the failure of a philanthropic startup called Stargiving (founded in 2000) in 2002, Yang served as vice president of a healthcare startup until 2005, when he joined Manhattan Prep., a test preparation company.

One year later, he took over as the CEO. However, when Kaplan Inc. acquired the company in 2009, he started to work on his next venture.

Venture for America

By 2011, he founded Venture for America (VFA), a startup that trains upcoming entrepreneurs and encourages building new businesses in economically stressed cities.

After resigning from the test preparation company in early 2012, he worked on expanding VFA.

Although new jobs created by VFA fell way short of what Andrew had promised, the organization gained national attention quickly, including from the Obama administration.

During his time with VFA, he had been recognized by a White House program called “Champion of Change” for his work.

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Andrew Yang Net Worth


Meanwhile, Andrew did not rest while running VFA. In 2014, he published his first book, “Smart People Should Build Things,” with HarperCollins.

A comprehensive book on entrepreneurship, it was described as “a road map for young people for designing their careers,” by Arianna Huffington from the Huffington Post (printed on hardcover version’s front flap).

After the successful authorial debut, Andrew would go on to write another book, “War on Normal People,” published in 2018 by Hachette Books, one year after he filed to run for President in 2020.

Since his exit from VFA in 2017, while continuing to advise startups using his expertise, he appeared on numerous podcasts and talk shows, including The Breakfast Club and Real Time with Bill Maher, just to mention the most notable.

Come 2019, Yang qualified for the presidential primary debates.

His strategy was Internet-based campaigning, actively posting on a number of social media platforms. He was not only deemed the most surprising candidate by the press, The New York Times even called him “The Internet’s favourite Candidate.”

He had multiple slogans, each showing where his values stand, including “Humanity First,” “Make America Think Harder (MATH),” and “Not Left, Not Right, Forward.”

It was during this campaign that Andrew advocated the policy to set a universal basic income, as a response to increasing job automation.

Following his recession from the presidential campaign in early 2020, he announced his newest nonprofit, Humanity Forward, a name not only reflecting his slogans but actually contributing to the policies he fought for during his run.

After his exit, he joined CNN as a political commentator and, on the night of the Michigan presidential primary, endorsed Joe Biden.

In 2021, he campaigned for the mayor of New York City but receded based on poll numbers.

However, Andrew’s political career doesn’t seems will stop any time soon.

In late 2020, he was hired by the Biden administration as a member of the small business advisory council.

Soon, he announced that he and his wife were moving to Atlanta to assist in the January 2021 Georgia senate runoff elections.

Also extending is his authorial career, with a third book on the horizon, set to be published in October 2021, titled, “Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy.”

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Since 2011, Andrew Yang has been married to Evelyn Yang with two sons.

Andrew Yang and wife Evelyn Yang


Of the older son, who is autistic, Andrew feels incredibly proud, holding the view that “atypical is the new typical.”

This first-hand experience has inspired aspirations for societal change for Andrew.

During his presidential campaign, he publicly stated, at Presidential Town Hall, his desire to funnel federal funding into schools so as to help children with autism and to de-stigmatize the condition.

The family has a rental apartment in Hell’s Kitchen and owns an estate in New Paltz, NY, where they primarily reside and attend the Reformed Church of New Paltz.

Andrew Yang – Net Worth

So, how much is Andrew Yang worth? According to Andrew Yang himself, he first became a millionaire during his years with Manhattan Prep. Since then, his net worth has only increased. Therefore, American businessman Andrew Yang has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

In 2015, Yang bought a home in New Paltz, New York.

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