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Is Katey Sagal related to Steven Seagal?

Are Katey Sagal and Steven Sagal related?

Short answerSteven Seagal and Katey Sagal are not related in any way. While they both had successful careers in the entertainment industry, they have no relation to each other.


The world of Hollywood is one paved with intrigue, mystery, glitz, glamour, fun, and excitement.

We love learning more about what our favorite Hollywood actors and celebrities are up to, and we love learning new facts about them.

While there are all kinds of fun and interesting facts about Hollywood actors guaranteed to blow our minds, the trouble with life in the limelight is that not everything you hear or read about a celebrity is true.

Steven Seagal, for example, was one of the hottest action stars of the 1990s, and while today he is often mocked and ridiculed, he’s still relevant, which is why there are so many rumors about him.

One common rumor is that he’s related to actress and singer-songwriter Katey Sagal, but what’s the truth?

Is Katey Sagal related to Steven Seagal? Let’s find out, shall we?

Who is Katey Sagal?

Katey Sagal


If you don’t recognize Katey Sagal from such hits as ‘Married… with Children’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ there’s a very strong chance that you recognize her voice from the hit animated sci-fi series ‘Futurama.’

Katey was born on January 19, 1954, in Los Angeles, California.

Performing was in her blood as she was born into a show business family.

Her mother was a TV writer and producer, and her father was a TV director.

Sagal began her career in the 1970s as a backing singer for big name artists, including Bob Dylan and Tanya Tucker.

Thanks to her father, she landed her first TV role as a receptionist on ‘Columbo’ in the 1980s.

In 1987, she played Peggy Bundy on the sitcom Married… with Children, where she remained for 10 years.

She would land numerous other smaller roles on hit TV shows, including ‘That 70s Show.’

She was then cast as the voice of Leela on Matt Groening’s Futurama.

Perhaps her most popular role was as Gemma Teller-Morrow, on the FX show Sons of Anarchy. The show was renowned for its gritty and violent nature as it centered around an outlaw biker gang in the factional setting of Charming, CA, who ran guns for local gangs.

The character of Gemma was very polarizing and was Sagal’s most extreme role to date.

Gemma was the matriarch of the Sons, as she was married to the leader of the gang, was the ex-wife of the gang’s founding member, and was the mother to the gang’s vice president.

Critics and audiences were hugely impressed with her performance, so much so, in fact, that she won a Golden Globe Award in 2011 for Best Actress Performance.

Sagal is currently married to Kurt Sutter, who created Sons of Anarchy, as well as co-created the multi-award-winning drama The Shield.

Who is Steven Seagal?

Steven Seagal


Steven Frederic Seagal is an American actor and martial artist who was one of the hottest action movie stars of the 1990s.

Seagal has featured in numerous Hollywood hits over the years, and while his movies today are, questionable, to say the least, he still remains active.

He was born on the 10th of April, 1952.

He studied martial arts in Japan from a young age.

In 1987, Seagal landed his first movie role in ‘Above the Law’ also known as ‘Nico’ in Europe.

His biggest role, by far, came in 1992 when he played former Navy SEAL turned cook Casey Ryback in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Under Siege.’

Seagal would go on to star in a sequel ‘Under Siege 2: Dark Territory’ as well as in ‘Marked for Death’ and ‘Out for Justice’ and Hard to Kill.’ He would also direct and star in ‘On Deadly Ground’ alongside Michael Caine.

After the 1990s, Seagal’s acting career took a nosedive, as did his popularity.

Seagal had a reputation for being notoriously difficult to work with on set.

He refused to ever let any of his characters show any weaknesses, he insisted on being the best at everything he did, and he was reported to have greatly overexaggerated his fighting skills and abilities, and would allegedly lie compulsively.

As he grew older, he would gain weight and would also become a figment of fun online.

In the mid-late 2010s, Seagal wrote, directed, and starred in a bunch of straight-to-DVD movies, portraying the characters that he was playing as highly skilled tough guys, special forces soldiers, warriors, and more besides, despite the fact that he was greatly overweight and was closing in at 70 at the time.

Many, the cast included, consider him to be the worst Saturday Night Live host ever. He hosted the show once in 1991, was allegedly rude to the cast, and refused to take part in a sketch because the characters had stated they could ‘beat him up.

Despite his reputation, Seagal has plenty of fans, and you can’t deny that Under Siege is one of the best Hollywood action blockbusters to come out of the 1990s.

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So, is Katey Sagal related to Steven Seagal?

Are Katey Sagal and Steven Sagal related


As you can see from the spelling of the last name, ‘Sagal’ and ‘Seagal’ are spelled differently.

Despite this, because of the similarities, this did lead to rumors that Katey Sagal was related to Steven Seagal in some way, but is that true?

Despite some claiming they were married, others claiming they were brother and sister, or even cousins, there is NO truth to the rumors that the two are, or were, ever related.

Steven Seagal and Katey Sagal are not related to each other and have no relationship, professional, personal, or otherwise, with one another.

Will they ever work together? At this stage, it is highly unlikely, but as the Hollywood saying goes, ‘Never say Never.’

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