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Jonathan Lamb Net Worth $500,000

What Is Jonathan Lamb’s Net Worth?

Jonathan Lamb is a Bible teacher and author who has a net worth of $500,000. He serves as the minister-at-large for Keswick Ministries.

Jonathan Lamb was born in London, United Kingdom, on 21st December 1950.

He is an author, Bible teacher, and minister-at-large for Keswick Ministries.

For several years, he served as the Director of Langham Preaching, where he led training initiatives for Church leaders, pastors, and Church planters in around 60 countries all over the world.

He held positions in several organizations, including the CEO of Keswick Ministries and a pastoral role at Belmont Chapel Exeter.

Today, he is the minister-at-large for Keswick Ministries, helping Keswick teach and train other Church leaders in the UK and other parts of the work.

Lamb is also a Vice President of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, and continues as a training facilitator for Langham Partnership.

As a result of his roles, he’s able to travel extensively as a Bible teacher at many Churches and conferences.


He has written several books about his faith and teachings, including ‘Godliness from Head to Toe,’ discussing how to live wisely with God in mind and an authentic Christian life demonstrating faith that works.

‘From Why to Worship’ acts as an introduction to the Book of Habakkuk and how to have faith in the darkest of times.

Other titles include ‘Integrity: Leading with God Watching,’ ‘Faith in the Face of Danger’ and ‘Knowing God Better – The Vision of the Keswick Movement.’

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Jonathan Lamb is married to his wife, Margaret.


The couple has three daughters and several grandchildren.

Jonathan Lamb – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Jonathan Lamb worth? Lamb earned most of his wealth from working as the director of Langham Preaching and selling copies of his books, including – From Why to Worship, Faith in the Face of Danger, Strength in Weakness, and The Things Things Say. Therefore, Jonathan Lamb has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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