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Austin Geidt Net Worth | Uber

Austin Geidt Net Worth – $5 million

What is Austin Geidt’s net worth?


Austin Geidt went from rehab to college to intern to ringing Uber’s IPO bell on the New York Stock Exchange in front of the entire financial world.

Her rise to the top of one of the most successful startups of all time was not linear—but it was fast.

As head of strategy for Uber, the young executive’s career trajectory reads like a Silicon Valley legend—with all the drama, intrigue, and mystery of a modern day bestseller.

So what do we know about the young up-and-comer who celebrated her successful escape from drug addiction at 20, found success at the height of the 2008 global recession, and became the face of the world’s most valuable startup.

Let’s find out more about Austin Geidt.

The Origin Story

Austin was born in 1985, and followed a pretty traditional route to college.

Scoring acceptance to the University of California-Berkeley, the fresh faced and eager young California native jumped into college life with both feet.

Unfortunately, that was the wrong move for Geidt, who claims that it was around this time that she “got into trouble.”

Austin developed a substance abuse problem, and by the young age of 19, she was already aware that she needed help.

That help came in the form of rehab, and time reintegrating back into normal society.

With her drug addiction behind her, Geidt can look back at that time for what it was—a helpful reset.

In her words, she spent a “few years just getting back to basics.”

Austin struggled for a little while with the setback.

Having been on the right course for her entire young life, being in college as a sober 25-year-old left her feeling “behind.”

It was for the best, though, with Geidt explaining in a 2018 interview that:

“it was so important to get that [part of my life] right, so I could get the rest right.”

In 2010, at 25 years old, Austin celebrated her college graduation and started on the next daunting phase of building her career—applying for internships.

Welcome to Uber

By the time Geidt got around to graduating, the world was reeling from the impact of the 2008 recession.

Austin was 25 years old, had crippling student loan debt, and was working hard to stay sober and change her life.

Her resume—as she told the 2015 Fortune’s Most Powerful Women conference—was effectively blank.

She applied for an internship at Uber. Ryan Graves was the company’s first employee and CEO—employed by founder Travis Kalanick.

As part of the internship application process, Graves had applicants create a presentation on themselves.

Geidt took to the assignment eagerly, creating a funny and surprisingly frank presentation in which she begged Ryan to give her a chance.

Ryan would later explain that back in 2010, not a lot of people understood what Uber actually did—but Austin knew.

Her video presentation, which featured a millennial couple trying to escape each other post-date, was succinct, engaging, and showed that Austin had a knack for marketing.

Ryan reached out to get her in as the company’s very first intern, and the rest—as they say—is history.

Massive Career Progression

There may not be many roles that require potential employees to create a self-directed video about awkward one night stands—but then again, Uber wasn’t a normal business.

Austin Geidt was hired as a marketing intern before being promoted to marketing manager.

It was a confusing time for the young startup employee—her role wasn’t well defined.

Geidt would later reveal that she wasn’t sure what the company execs required of her, so she got involved in everything from answering customer support calls to opening mail to cold-calling potential drivers for the company and helping Travis Kalanick brainstorm expansion strategy.

Being so committed to the cause paid off.

Over the following decade, Austin would hold roles at the company that included General Manager of New York, Head of Driver Operations, and launch team lead for the company’s expansion into Seattle, Boston, notoriously difficult LA, and eventually to Paris, France, and Melbourne, Australia.

By 2016, she was head of Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group, exploring self-driving cars.

Fast forward another few years, and Geidt was front and center at the NYSE beside Uber’s CEO to ring the opening bell.

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The End of an Era

Austin Geidt’s phenomenal success at Uber may have become the stuff of legend, but there comes a time when everyone must move on.

For Geidt, it was in August of 2020, when she took to Twitter to announce that—on the 10-year anniversary of her time at Uber—she and the company were parting ways.

“What better time to say goodbye! I’m SO proud & lucky to have had this experience,” the corporate whiz kid Tweeted.

Since her departure from the company in 2020, Austin and her dog Dewy have stayed put in San Francisco, where she enjoys reading.

In 2021, she celebrated 16 years drug-free.

She shared the impressive milestone with friends, family, and followers on Instagram.

Romantic Life

There is no information about Austin Geidt’s personal life.

Austin Geidt – Net Worth

So, how much is Austin Geidt worth? Geidt earned most of her wealth from working at Uber for a decade in several positions. Therefore, Austin Geidt has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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