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Is Sue Aikens married?

Is Sue Aikens still married? Did she marry Michael Heinrich?


Sue Aikens is a reality television star most famous for appearing in the National Geographic documentary television series Life Below Zero.

From the docu-series debut back in 2013, Sue Aikens has been a key cast member on the show.

She’s independent, hard-working, resilient, tenacious, and easy to love.

The series shines a spotlight on how subsistence hunters survive in remote parts of Alaska and takes the audience on a tour of their daily lives.

Originally produced by BBC Studios, the Nat Geo hit show has been such a success that it celebrated its 14th season in 2020.

Kavik river camp’s sole resident—that’s Sue Aikens, for those who don’t know—has gained followers across the globe thanks to her laid-back approach to surviving in one of the world’s most inhospitable places.

And, as she says: “It if hurts, don’t think about it.”

That might be a motto worth repeating in matters of the heart, too, especially for a star who has been divorced more than once.

In this article, we’re answering the questions fans want to know about the reality television favorite’s love life:

Is Sue Aikens married? Is she divorced? Is she seeing anyone?

The answer to all the above questions is a resounding yes—and here’s the full story.

Is Sue Aikens married?

Is Sue Aikens still married


The Northern Alaska reality television star, who was born on July 1, 1963, has been married more than once.

More than twice, too—Sue Aikens has tied the knot three times so far.

Aikens first marriage took place in the early 80s, but her husband died tragically from a brain damage just a few years after they tied were married.

The pair had no children together.

Sue Aikens comes across to fans as a pragmatic woman, and thankfully she was able to find love again after being widowed in her early 20s.

She married Eddie James in 1987.

James was a barber in Portland, Oregon, where the pair initially met.

After a whirlwind romance, the pair were married.

They had three kids together, welcoming a son and two daughters over the next few years.

After 17 years of marriage, Eddie and Sue divorced.

Eddie would pass away in 2009, just 5 years after the couple’s marriage ended. Sue remained friends with her ex-husband until his death, and provided companionship to him in his final years.

Sue Aikens’ third marriage didn’t end in his death—although the reality star once joked to Melissa McCarthy on The Ellen Show that she felt like a black widow with two dead husbands.

Aikens’ third marriage ended badly—she separated from her husband after he confessed that he was having an affair with a younger woman.

He went on to marry her after the couple’s divorce.

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Is Sue Aikens divorced?

Sue Aikens' Personal Life


Yes—she’s been married and divorced three times.

While Aikens might not have been lucky in love in the past, it hasn’t stopped the tenacious star from living her best life out in the Alaskan wilderness.

“Living her best life” might sound like a stretch when we consider what Aikens comes up against out there.

In a 2020 interview, she shared one of her roughest experiences out on the tundra.

Due to a severe weather event, she was dropped off some distance from her camp—with 900 pounds of crucial supplies.

The ground was frozen, the gear was heavy, and she had run out of energy to push it any further.

As if that wasn’t enough, a wolf pack was lingering nearby, waiting for its opportunity to attack. She nearly gave up.

Fortunately, we all know Sue Aikens does not give up. She took a beat to come up with a new plan—one that included layering up her clothing and breaking down her gear.

She moved each of her smaller stacks of gear one at a time, over and over and over, until the job was complete.

With that level of tenacity, it’s easy to see how Aikens gets through challenging situations—and why she isn’t the type to let divorce (even three of them) hold her back.

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Is Sue Aikens dating anyone?


Yes, she is.

And it’s not the hilarious female Caribou that courted her in response to her Caribou call in an episode of Life Below Zero.

Instead, Sue is dating Michael Heinrich.

She made the relationship Instagram official in July of 2020, posting a series of photos of herself and Heinrich, alongside a caption about making a long distance relationship work.

She ended the caption with “Love you sweetie.”

As most kids of single moms can be, hers were a little concerned.

They were worried that if their mother’s new partner tried to change her and stop her from living her wilderness life, she would “start to wither.”

sue aikens husband michael heinrich


Amongst the projects Heinrich has supported his new girlfriend in is the cleaning up of her beloved Kavik River.

Sue explained the satisfaction she gets from her project, taking it from being “trashed” to now having “tiny little baby fish living in it. How can I not feel proud of that?”

Heinrich and Aikens became engaged in 2021, but they have yet to share a wedding date with fans.


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