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What is Mumbo Jumbo’s net worth? Who is Mumbo Jumbo’s girlfriend?


Mumbo Jumbo is a UK-born and raised YouTuber who is most famous for uploading anything related to Minecraft.

Other than his ultra-popular Mumbo Jumbo channel, he is also known as Mr. Mumbo and ThatMumboJumbo, and owner of Mumbo Vlogs.

With more than 8.4 million YouTube subscribers and a staggering 2.69 billion video views, Mumbo Jumbo releases his Hermitcraft episodes every weekend to his adoring fans.

So how did a small-town British boy become one of Minecraft’s most popular ambassadors? And what else do we know about the highly entertaining gamer?

The Origin Story

Oliver Brotherhood (because, of course, his name isn’t really Mumbo Jumbo) was born in Frimley, a wealthy Surrey town in the UK. He was born on December 1st, 1995.

As a kid, Oliver had an analytical mind.

He also enjoyed video games and has been playing Minecraft since he discovered it in high school.

He posted his first Minecraft video online when he was 16 and hadn’t expected the YouTube platform to take him anywhere.

Then one of his videos—where he gives viewers a walkthrough of some complex opening-door devices—went viral and amassed him over a million views in a matter of weeks. Mumbo joked, “It’s not ‘Gangnam Style,’ but it was pretty good.”

As his success grew, so did the number of hours Oliver spent creating content.

By 2015, he was spending 50 hours a week on content creation and engaging with his following on social media daily.

His paper delivery job was going to have to go.

Oliver told his mom that he was quitting his paper route.

When she asked why, he admitted that he had a YouTube channel, and it was doing quite well.

‘Quite well,’ as it turned out, was exceptionally well—his channel had more monthly traffic than most of the corporate sites she worked with.

In the Minecraft community, and especially in the Redstone community where Mumbo has carved out his niche, he’s surrounded by programmers.

It made sense then that when he turned 17, he decided he was going to study computer science.

On his Oxford University application, he mentioned his YouTube channel—a move that he says ‘seems to have helped.’

Help it did, with the university accepting his application without seeing his final school results.


Oliver has a cat named Benji and a girlfriend named Vicky.

Mumbo Jumbo and Vicky have been dating for several years, going Instagram official on Valentine’s Day in 2017.

When he’s not building and demolishing worlds in Minecraft, he likes to surf, he has a gym membership, and he enjoys photography.

Carving A New Career Path

Mumbo Jumbo launched his Minecraft videos on YouTube with ServerCraft Survival in 2012.

He launched with a friend and fellow gamer but held onto the name after his buddy quit the Minecraft scene.

Mumbo Jumbo has been an active gamer on the Hermitcraft YouTube server since his initial video uploads, with series like ‘My New Home,’ ‘Total Failure,’ and Beginnings of my Base,’ being his biggest hits.

Let’s Talk About Redstone

While Mumbo Jumbo is considered ultra-successful in the Minecraft niche, he’s gone a step further with Redstone.

Redstone—which we’ll explain in a minute—is a Mumbo Jumbo specialty, with the influencer going as far as to create a Redstone Consultancy.

Redstone is Minecraft’s virtual wiring.

It’s used by the game millions of fans to create specialty materials—an automated piston door, a gateway, an entire mini-world.

Redstone, essentially, allows gamers to create electrical processes. Suddenly, this second world being created can have switches and buttons.

Not quite following?

As luck would have it, Mumbo Jumbo follows it closely enough that he’s building an entire business out of it.

The Brit wonder-brain created his consultancy to design and build Redstone creations for other Minecraft players—specifically his friends in Hermitcraft.

He’s crafted what he named a ‘Wither Skeleton Farm’ and an elevator contraption, as well as traps and vending machines.

True to his generous nature—and one of the reasons his following is so steadfastly loyal—he creates video guides for his followers on the subject, too.

One of his most popular niche videos is ’10 Redstone Projects for Novices.’

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Moving On Up

While Minecraft is enabling gamers to create a niche within a niche, Mumbo Jumbo is aware that he appeals to a wide variety of gamers and is popular for delivering content that appeals to the masses, as well as the specialists.

In fact, when catering to the Minecraft genre, it’s important not to alienate your fans.

Minecraft is officially the second most searched term on YouTube after music—so fans are quite happy to explore elsewhere if he wasn’t delivering such consistent content.

A Bump In The Road

Oli recently shared a new kind of content to his social media accounts.

One random Sunday morning, his phone lit up with email notifications from YouTube—all of them warning that Warner Music Group was filing copyright claims against his videos.

Warner Chappell—the music giant’s publishing sector—filed more than 400 copyright claims against his channel.

Fortunately for the young gamer, he stated that he had a signed contract to use the related songs in his videos.

Mumbo tweeted in response: “This isn’t your money.”

Happy Homemakers

In 2021, Oli proudly announced that he and his girlfriend were putting the final touches on their home renovation. He tweeted: “so fun watching our odd little house being transformed into something pretty.”

After scrolling through the hundreds of comments asking for a YouTube house tour, Mumbo must have felt the need to respond.

His next tweet after announcing the end of renovations was: “And nope, I still won’t do a house tour. I’m not really interested in showing it off for people to view and judge.”

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Mumbo Jumbo – Net Worth

Oliver earned most of his wealth from streaming on Twitch, ads on YouTube, and sponsors.

On YouTube, Oli has more than 2.69 billion views, meaning about $8 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, British YouTuber Mumbo Jumbo has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

You can’t get a house tour, but you can explore his online home. Check out Mumbo Jumbo’s YouTube channel here.

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