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Braydon Price Net Worth $1.5 Million

What Is Braydon Price’s Net Worth?

Braydon Price is a YouTube personality who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Price is known for three things: off-roading, hunting, and fishing. The young YouTuber has eagerly chased social media fame by posting photos and videos of him on motorcycles or posing with animals he has killed, and has racked up a whopping 2 million subscribers.

Fans and followers love his videos so much that they’ve watched them almost half a billion times since he launched his channel.

So what do we know about this young automotive fan with an itchy trigger finger and an appetite for adventure?

Read on to find out.

The Origin Story

Braydon Price was born on August 24, 2000, in Los Angeles, California.

He was raised in Monroe, North Carolina—he still lives there, close to his family, although he travels regularly to collaborate with fellow YouTubers.


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Braydon has always been obsessed with motorbikes—his social media accounts showcase that love way before he became YouTube famous.

Price was raised in a tight knit family, and his parents helped him to fund his love of dirt bikes and killing animals when he was growing up.

As he has started to make his own money, he has also expanded his vlogs to showcase supercars.

YouTube Fame and Climbing The Ladder

Braydon officially launched his YouTube channel when he was only 13 years old.

At the time, he had no idea it was one day going to attract millions of viewers—he just wanted somewhere to share footage of the bikes he loved and the animals he loved to shoot.

Over time his channel evolved.

He began uploading motorsports content, although his most viewed video to date is still one that he posted several years back about a Buck that returns after being shot with a crossbow.

The video, which is not intended for children and receives multiple complaints each year, has been viewed more than 8 million times.

Braydon has managed to earn his million plus fans thanks to his engaging personality, laid back, perky demeanor, and willingness to talk about pretty much anything.


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He is quick to engage with fans and followers, and uploads consistently.

He was also quick to capitalize on the house tours trend on YouTube, showcasing his own place after he moved out of his mom and dad’s garage—that was his original HQ and studio.

House Tour

Braydon gave fans and followers a tour of the home he bought in the early part of 2021, and let the camera follow him as he showed off all his favorite gear.

Amongst some of the highlights were his fishing boat—which he describes as “not the highest end” but “everything I need in a boat”—and his Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader, which he says he’s wanted forever.

The CAT skid steer—a versatile piece of construction tech that can excavate, grade, demolish, and remove debris in track building—set the young YouTuber back more than $70,000.

He admits that it’s a lot of money, but in his house tour video, he explains that he would have lost $20k of that to the IRS if he put the money in the bank.

In May of 2022, Braydon—clearly not content with just the one massive house in a field—purchased a 40-foot campervan that he bought from his aunt.


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He claimed that it took him only 30 minutes to find the right campervan after he decided that’s what he was buying.

He made a video about his purchase, surprising his friends with the deluxe Wildwood Heritage Glen Lite campervan.

The luxury camper, which sleeps up to 6 and includes a bunch of premium add-ons, is intended to be the home of Braydon’s newest squad member, Peter.

Peter joins Christian and Tyler to make up Price’s BP Team.

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Young Love

Braydon Price might be more likely to post videos of him hanging with his YT buddies—Tyler, Christian, and Peter—but he does find a little downtime.

Throughout most of 2019 and 2020, he spent that downtime with his girlfriend, Maddie.

Maddie, who appeared in several of Braydon’s videos, was comfortable in the limelight and often took a front and center role in her boyfriend’s videos, coming up with challenges and talking to the camera.

However, after a couple of years of Braydon showcasing his relationship and giving Maddie air time, she was gone.

Eventually, Braydon explained in a Q&A video that Maddie had gone on to college, and their relationship had run its course.

Net Worth

So, how much is Braydon Price worth? Price earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube, selling merch on his website (, and brand deals via Instagram. On YouTube, Braydon has over 670 million views –about $2.2 million in revenue before taxes. On TikTok, Price has over 914k followers. Therefore, Braydon Price has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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