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Vince Sant Net Worth 2024

Vince Sant Net Worth – $2 million

What is Vince Sant’s net worth? Who is Vince Sant’s girlfriend?


Vince Sant is the head of the viral fitness and supplement company, V Shred.

He founded the business—focused on creating products designed to deliver maximum shred for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts—in 2015.

Alongside his co-founders—Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, and Kevin Pearn—Vince has focused on getting the V Shred brand out to the world.

If you’ve used social media in the past 7 years, it’s likely you’ve seen at least one of the brand’s ads.

But what else do we know about the co-founder of a brand that promises max results to ordinary people?

Read on to find out.

The Origin Story

Vincent Sant was born on December 31, 1993, in Ohio—he even has a tattoo on his bicep of his home state.

His parents are Roxanne and Eric Sant, and the couple also has two daughters—Zoe and Cassie.

Sant comes from a tight knit family, and often shows off his mom, dad, and siblings on his social media channels.

Vince has always been a keen sportsman—he played football in high school, loved snowboarding, golf, and skiing, and enjoyed hiking and the gym.

Sadly, he didn’t have the bulk needed to be taken seriously in football, so he didn’t go any further than high school with the sport.

Fairmont High School in Kettering, Ohio, did set the young Vince onto a new path, though—he started training and looking at the link between diet, fitness, and bulking up.

Sant may have risen to fame for his gorgeous face and strong physique, but fans and followers have been appreciating Sant’s aesthetic for a long time now—he worked as a male model in his hometown, and went on to walk in a fashion show for Y2K US fashion giant, Abercrombie & Fitch in Japan.


Vince Sant is not married, however, he is dating his girlfriend, Ashley Rossi.

Vince Sant and girlfriend Ashley Rossi


The glamorous Italian beauty, who is a social media star, model, and brand ambassador in her own right, has an Instagram following of over 337,000.

Rossi, who is involved in several of her own business endeavors, took to Instagram in January 2021 to celebrate six years with her boyfriend—and to share that the couple had celebrated each anniversary in a different couple.

Since Vince’s birthday falls on New Year’s Eve, and their anniversary is at the start of the year, it makes sense that the pair take this time to enjoy the jet-setting lifestyle they’re building.

Vincent has always been a lover of animals—he has a bulldog named Brutus who travels everywhere with him. He also adopted another bulldog puppy, Pudge, in 2017.

Sadly, Pudge died after a straightforward surgery for cherry eye.

Both Vince and his long-term girlfriend, Ashley, were devastated.

The Journey to Getting Shredded

Vince once explained that his body fluctuates on a daily basis, and he’s still vulnerable to the same issues as everyone else—days where he skips a workout, days where he cheats on his diet—but that the key is much simpler than that:

“I wanna feel good, look good, and enjoy balance.”

For Sant and his three business partners, this ethos is at the core of what they’re doing at V Shred.

The one time male model and personal trainer started V Shred in 2015 after trying too many complicated, ineffective, and expensive training programs. 

The company bases its marketing on saturating social media with videos, posts, and sponsored advertising through influencers.

At V Shred’s core, though, is a structure built around digital products and supplements.

By the end of 2018—just three years after V Shred’s launch—it claimed to have helped almost 900,000 clients to change their bodies and improve their lives.

Sant has also been excited to share that the company’s website gets well over 15 million hits a month, and has a social media reach of 9 million across its channels.

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Feeling The Burn

While Sant and the V Shred brand seem to be enjoying staggering success in the fitness and health supplements field, the company’s marketing strategy has earned it many critics, too.

The aggressive marketing—you can find V Shred ads on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and the now-defunct Snapchat—has driven some social media users to the point of begging for the ads to stop.

“Those awful, intrusive VShred adverts […] basically encouraged me to eat junk food, get fat, and never give them a dime.”

The V Shred brand has also come under fire on the US Better Business Bureau website, where it has 421 complaints since 2018.

Vince Sant – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Vince Sant worth? Sant earned most of his wealth from co-founding the online fitness brand – “V Shred.” Therefore, Instagram fitness guru Vince Sant has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

The company sells weight loss and strength-building programs. More importantly, their team is made up of experienced professionals.

The company also has a YouTube channel with over 153 million — about $460k in revenue.

Vince is also the co-founder of Sculpt Nation and the clothing brand V Shred Apparel.

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