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Leila Hormozi Net Worth $100 Million

What Is Leila Hormozi’s Net Worth?

Leila Hormozi is an American entrepreneur who has a net worth of $100 million. She’s the co-founder of Prestige Labs, ALAN, and Gym Launch, with whom she operates with her husband, Alex Hormozi.

She is known for being an exceptional business owner as she grew her companies (with her husband) from the group up to seven figures before the age of 30.

Leila Hormozi was born in the United States and grew up naturally interested in sports and fitness.

By the age of 13, she began self-educating on fitness, body composition, and health & nutrition.

She was very athletic in school and participated in many sports.

In all her spare time, she tried out running, obstacle course racing, bodybuilding, and powerlifting, to find which ones she preferred so she would work on them and eventually master the art.


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Hormozi continued her love and passion and, according to her LinkedIn account, pursued a bachelor’s degree at Western Michigan University in kinesiology and exercise science, and became a certified personal trainer.

During her college years, she quickly learned that she was passionate about human behavior and the science behind internal and external body modifications.

An attribute that set her aside from her college peers is that she didn’t enjoy the typical college party life, as they deterred her from her goals.

Instead, she focused all her time on studying and being in the gym.

These dedicated habits would ultimately play a significant role in helping her build multiple million-dollar companies in the near future.

The Journey to Success


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Following her graduation, she decided that she didn’t want to stay in her hometown and become a traditional employee.

She had much larger goals for herself.

After consulting with her parents, she made the last-minute choice to relocate to California, which she believed would be an excellent location to start up a fitness company.

Her first job was as a personal trainer, which helped her learn the ropes of running a gym, such as sales, management, operations, and quality of trainers.



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Fast forward a few years of personal training, she met her soon-to-be-husband and business partner, Alex Hormozi.

They do hit it off right away due to their joint passion for health, fitness, and of course, entrepreneurship.

The couple met on the dating app, Bumble, and what ignited their interest was their life interests.

At the time, Alex owned and operated six gyms throughout Los Angeles.

By their third date, he asked her to leave her job to work with him as part of management.

Initially, she was hesitant because she didn’t want to leave all her clients who were signed up with her employer, and she was busy offering online exercise services, which took up the rest of her time.

Despite this, she took the risk and accepted his offer.

Shortly after, they began to do the marketing for competing gyms and would seek new talent to run them.

They both flew around the country, giving speeches at gym business conferences where they would sell interested people on buying or running a new gym.

They also marketed the gym service to potential clients, and they did that very well.

On average, they increased the client count per gym by over 200. Some gyms couldn’t even withstand so many signups, but the owners were happy, nonetheless.

Gym Launch


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While their business strategy was successful and lucrative, they thought there must be a more efficient way to do things to bring in even more revenue. And this is when things really picked up for them.

They decided that rather than doing all the marketing for other companies, they would teach the owners directly how to do the marketing and bring in promising leads.

The new business idea proliferated, and within the first 18 months, it had its first million-dollar year.

In 2018, Leila and her husband launched Prestige Labs, a supplement company that sells vitamins and workout powders.

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Shortly after the company was launched and proved successful with its six-figure revenues, the couple pursued yet another business venture, but in a completely different field.

They founded ALAN, a software company that nurtures leads for digital marketers and business owners alike.

Leila and Alex hired out the executive and management positions while Hormozi sits on the board of these companies.

And the couple wasn’t done at that point. Since all the management roles were hired out, Hormozi had a lot more time on her hands, and with that, she conjured up another startup idea.

The couple co-founded, which is essentially the holding company for all of their joint business ventures.

Since their businesses combined were ringing in over USD 100 million annually, it only made sense to develop a holding company to overlook everything strategically.

Net Worth

So, how much is Leila Hormozi worth? Leila earned most of her wealth from co-founding, ALAN, Prestige Labs, and Gym Launch. She previously worked as a personal trainer. As such, Leila Hormozi has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Note – Leila’s net worth is cumulated with the net worth of her husband.

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