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Captain Bling Bling Net Worth

Captain Bling Bling Net Worth – $4 million

What is Captain Bling Bling’s net worth?


Ronald Wright – AKA “Captain Bling Bling” – is a Canadian internet personality who has popular channels on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

He is extremely popular on YouTube in particular, where – under the name “Mythic” – Captain Bling Bling has almost 5 million subscribers.

The Origin Story

Little is known regarding the early life of Ronald Wright (AKA “Captain Bling Bling”).

It’s alleged that his birthday is April 25th 1988, but it’s also possible that it was in 1987.

Due to the dearth of information regarding Wright’s early life, this is all that can be said with any confidence.


It is known that Wright is married (Catherine Szabo) and that he previously enjoyed a career as a bricklayer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

There are several videos in which Ronald and Catherine appear together, including – Captain bling bling pranks wife and A day of captain bling bling billoniare.

TikTok And Instagram Influencer

Wright started his internet career in November 2020.

His first video had nothing to do with Captain Bling Bling, but instead was related to his bricklaying profession.

Wright later assumed the “Captain Bling Bling” persona and was catapulted to success.

The brash, larger-than-life Captain Bling Bling act was massively successful on the short-format TikTok platform, and Wright entertained millions with his lip-synching and elaborate routines.

Wright’s success carried over to other platforms, and he was able to amass a considerable number of followers on fellow social media platforms, Instagram and YouTube.

It is on YouTube where Wright continues to thrive, under the name “Mythic.”

YouTube Videos

Wright’s videos – now found primarily on YouTube – are characterized by their brevity, with most coming in at less than a minute in length.

His videos are notable for their tendency towards broad comedy, including multiple clips in which Wright pranks his wife (or is pranked by her).

This is not the limit of Wright’s content, however; he also features food reviews, ‘good Samaritan’ videos in which he does something nice for unsuspecting members of the public, and a number of food challenges.

In these challenges, Wright is typically tasked with eating a large amount of junk food (such as chicken nuggets) or taking requests from subscribers to eat various kinds of food.

Post-Captain Bling Bling

He also abandoned the Captain Bling Bling persona towards the end of 2021, and now focuses almost entirely on videos that discuss interesting facts or cool human interest stories.

Ronald Wright, in fact, hasn’t appeared in any new videos at all since August of 2022.

In December 2022, several videos were uploaded to his YouTube channel, featuring an unknown woman.

Why Wright hasn’t put out any new videos himself is unknown.

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Captain Bling Bling – Net Worth

So, how much money does Captain Bling Bling have?

Wright earned most of his health from advertisements on YouTube and posting on TikTok.

On YouTube, Ronald has over 2.6 billion views–about $8 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, Captain Bling Bling has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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