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Hunter Lee Soik Net Worth 2024

Hunter Lee Soik Net Worth – $3 million

What is Hunter Lee Soik’s net worth? Is Hunter Lee Soik married?


In February of 2022, shamed scam artist and wannabe socialite Anna “Delvey” Sorokin posted to Instagram, offering to tell international media outlets who her ex-boyfriend really was.

On the Netflix hit sensation Inventing Anna—which showcased the rapidly crumbling fake empire this pretend heiress had attempted to build up around her—that boyfriend went by the pseudonym, Chase Sikorski.

Now desperate for cash and convicted on eight counts of theft, grand larceny, attempted grand larceny, and then some, Anna wanted media outlets to make her an offer by sliding in her DMs.

“Want to know who the real ‘Chase’ is?

The media outlet with the highest bid gets the exclusive. Bid starts at 10,000.”

Embarrassingly, she didn’t realize the whole world already knew who her ex-boyfriend was—media outlets had been digging up info about him since Inventing Anna premiered.

His name was Hunter Lee Soik, a tech whiz kid, thought leader, and Ted talker, who wound up in Sorokin’s scheme and came out the other side branded with the same unappealing mark that Anna did.

Guilty by association, some might say.

Others think he was in on it from the start.

Whatever your theory, here’s what we know about Hunter Lee Soik.

The Origin Story

What is Hunter Lee Soik's net worth

Adriana Farietta and Hunter Lee Soik – @Getty

Hunter Lee Soik was born in Incheon, South Korea, on November 20, 1981.

Hunter spent his early years in South Korea before his family relocated to the West Coast of the US, where his father took on a new role.

Hunter was an intelligent kid—he did well in school and had excellent social skills.

He made friends easily, did well with people, was fascinated with computers, and liked logistics—all things that focused on how stuff works.

He went against that passion for a time, enrolling at the Brooks Institute of Photography in 2000, to study fine arts in photography. He dropped out after a year.

Soik never followed the traditional route and ended up heading straight into the workforce—if his prolific number of jobs and volunteer roles are anything to go by.

He would eventually head back to school—opting into the MIT Micromasters program in Supply Chain Management—in 2017.

What does Hunter Lee Soik do?

According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s held more than 40 roles in the four decades he’s been alive.

His digital resume includes employers that range from Disney to CBS, Sony to Vogue, and a bunch of times where he worked as either a Digital Director or Producer.

But there are a few key similarities between the real Hunter Lee Soik and the Chase Sikorski character from the Anna Delvey expose.

Both Hunter and Chase (see the similarities between the names?) give Ted Talks that touch on dreaming, cloud sourcing, and apps.

Both have a way with words and building strong relationships.

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Hunter Lee Soik + Anna Sorokin

Hunter Lee Soik + Anna Sorokin


Hunter knew Anna as far back as 2014, when she tagged him as the pair traveled by yacht in the Mediterranean.

Many of the people who knew them on the scene credit Hunter with actually getting Anna into many of the social circles she infiltrated.

“Anna was annoying. She was rude and talked [expletive] about people.”

Hunter, on the other hand, said all the right things.

He was intelligent, where many say Anna was not, and good at judging people’s responses and adjusting accordingly.

Still, nobody knew exactly what he did, other than that he’d given a Ted Talk and been featured in The New Yorker.

For two years, the pair were spotted where the rich and famous went to be spotted, hosting luxury dinners, and making plans which—coincidentally—needed investors.

Hunter and Anna broke up in 2016, and he moved to Dubai to start a new job. Hunter Lee Soik and Anna were never married.

Hunter Lee Soik – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Hunter Lee Soik worth? Soik earned most of his wealth from founding and managing ensō group in 2018. The company is based in Hong Kong. Therefore, Hunter Lee Soik has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Previously. Hunter worked for Dubai Airport Freezone Authority, Dubai Future Talks, and Lipman.

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