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Derrick Jaxn Net Worth $2.5 Million

What Is Derrick Jaxn’s Net Worth?

Derrick Jaxn is primarily known for his popular YouTube channel and has a net worth of $2.5 million. Jaxn also serves as a relationship guru, influencer on both Instagram and Twitter, a poet, and a high-selling book author.

Jaxn is well-known for his commentary on relationships and self-care, building a reputation for being an encouraging figure and outspoken activist for important life changes.

With that popularity and widespread message, however, Jaxn has also put himself in the limelight with rumors of cheating in active relationships, hypocritical messages, and more.

Still, Jaxn keeps going – how much does that affect his net worth?

The Origin Story

Born in Yonkers, New York, on July 20th, 1989, Derrick Jaxn has always had a life that would inspire him to become an inspirational speaker.

Since he was young, he’s experienced several rough situations, starting with being part of a five-child family, taken care of by his single mother.


While that would prove difficult enough, Jaxn’s mother fell ill several times with life-threatening illnesses, which she survived while taking on several jobs to raise enough money to take care of the family by herself.

That power and influence helped pushed Jaxn to work to build himself up to the point where he could be self-sufficient and provide the same inspirational role, from his mother to him, to the rest of the world.

On his path to self-love, Jaxn attended Tuskegee University in the College of Business and Information Science, where he collected a Bachelor of Science in 2012.

While in college, he founded a non-profit mentorship group in an attempt to help struggling students and teenagers, all while balancing community work and a hefty college sports career.

After graduation, Jaxn started a blog, where he spread messages of self-care and well-intended stories about dedication and inspiration.



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After a few years of blogging, Jaxn published his first book, “A Cheating Man’s Heart,” which went on to build a reputation for himself, while collecting tens of thousands of dollars to help build his community and spread his message of caring for yourself and others.

Once that book took off, Jaxn continued to publish works while spreading his social media career to platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Jaxn also wrote – Don’t Forget Your Crown, Single Mothers Are for Grown Men, Only!, I Still Deserve It, I’ve Come Too Far, and Heal Together Without Hurting Each Other.


Derrick Jaxn is married to Da’Naia Jackson, whom he nearly divorced after he admitted to having multiple affairs with other women following their marriage.

Nonetheless, he rebuilt his relationship and released the information publicly, with the two having broken the proposal, continuing to take care of their two children, the first of which was born in 2016.

“I’ve made that bed, and now I have to lie in it,” Derrick said during his confession video.

“I forgive him, and I forgive the others as well,” Da’Naia said.

Update – at the end of 2022, Derrick Jaxn filed for divorce.



“Stop getting mad at people for being exactly who they’ve been from the beginning.”

“Silent treatment is a trigger for those who’ve been abandoned before.”

“It doesn’t matter who you love if you’re not respecting and protecting them, too.”

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Net Worth

So, how much is Derrick Jaxn worth? Derrick Jaxn has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. It’s a combination of the money that he’s made from his multiple ventures.

Again, while Jaxn is best known for his YouTube channel and potentially his Instagram page, he has additional revenue streams, such as royalties from his books.

For instance, Jaxn rakes in roughly $1 million in revenue from his books (Don’t Forget Your Crown, A Cheating Man’s Heart, and more) sold on Amazon.

While his books are sold in places beyond Amazon, that’s his primary revenue spot, generated by his tens of thousands of books sold. With such a substantial revenue stream from books, much of Jaxn’s net worth comes from his relationship and self-care writings.

On YouTube, Derrick has over 130 million views, meaning about $390k in revenue.

Importantly, there’s also a major supply of worth from Jaxn’s multiple television and event appearances. As a heavily inspirational speaker, Jaxn commits to several events and appearances every year.

The Future

Nowadays, Jaxn continues to upload inspirational content on his website, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts while taking care of his children alongside Da’Naia, living a happy life with his family, while continuing to spread information and content to inspire and bring about better lives for those who he reaches.

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