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Ash Kash Net Worth 2024

Ash Kash Net Worth – $1.5 million

Ash Kash is an American model, professional nail artist, and Instagram influencer who is best known for posting modeling, fashion, and life photos on her many social media accounts.

Her most recent success is founding the business “Fatal Attraction Company,” an apparel brand, and “Heaven Sent Nails.”

The Origin Story

Ash Kash was born on January 9, 1998, in the US.

There is not much public information available online about her, as she keeps that information private.

As a child, she was always intrigued with the beauty industry and everything feminine.

Like all influencers, she took to Instagram to capitalize on it.

Some of her earliest photos are selfies and self-taken amateur modeling snaps.


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In early 2021, she deactivated her original account and created a new one that focused solely on building her Instagram modeling career.

The first image she posted was a quote that reads, “I’m going to be a millionaire.” Since the onset of her presence online, she had one goal, and that was to become extremely wealthy and to turn it into a lucrative business.

At the time of writing, Ash has over 2.9 million subscribers, and as such, she is classified as a professional influencer.

With this status comes the benefit of collaborating with famous fashion brands.



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In 2020 when TikTok became the new trendy social media platform and was a place for up-and-coming influencers to build a very lucrative career, Kash jumped on board.

It wasn’t a difficult process to build her following as she was already known and recognized as a fashion influencer.

As such, her following grew relatively quickly.

A lot of her content is similar to that of her other social media accounts.

She essentially uses TikTok to promote her brand further.

Fatal Attraction Company


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In addition to her digital career, she is entrepreneurial-minded and has always wanted to run her own business.

She has mentioned that she’s the founder and CEO of her first business venture, “Fatal Attraction Company,” an apparel company. However, there are no public records available to validate this claim.

Furthermore, she has yet to promote her fashion line and any of her social media accounts.

Heaven Sent Nails

Moreover, she reportedly founded an aesthetics company, “Heaven Sent Nails,” but again, there are no public records available to back this claim.

This could be a business venture that she managed in the past, but as of currently, it appears she is no longer running any companies. 


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There has been some online controversy surrounding Ash Kash in 2021 that she has yet to speak on publicly.

In 2021, there was a viral story claiming she had passed away, which has been proven to be untrue.

She was also a victim of rumors surrounding her gender identity, where people were thought to believe she was a transgender female.

While this is not something to pass judgment on, she was not the one to state this, and it is seemingly untrue.

Kash appears to be excellent at warding off people who prefer to spend time spreading misinformation about her.


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As part of her career, she regularly posts provocative photos on her many social media accounts. As an expected outcome, she is regularly targeted by men online who attempt to taunt her if she refuses to do business with them.

She took to her live account to respond to the struggles she was dealing with as it relates to inappropriate comments she received from one particular Twitch streamer who began spreading rumors about her for her refusal to do business with him.

I get harassed by grown men all the time, and now you are one of those grown-ass men who go on the internet to harass me. I wasn’t even mean; that’s the crazy part. I didn’t say nothing bad to this man; I didn’t say nothing rude, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t downplay him or nothing.” She went on to say, “It’s just so annoying that it’s always men like just steady coming at me; I don’t say nothing about y’all, I don’t do anything. Then you have the audacity to talk about me?”

Kash has been on the receiving side of online bullying and abuse many times, and many of the perpetrators are men.

In saying that, she always manages to come out unscathed by either ignoring the rumors or dealing with them head-on.


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According to reports, Ash Kash has been romantically linked to Sharife Cooper, an American professional basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks.

The power couple always knew of each other due to their celebrity status but met in person early in 2022.

There has been speculation that Cooper is interested in proposing to Ash following a short dating period. As of a few months into their relationship, there has yet to be a proposal.

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Ash Kash – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Ash Kash worth? Kash earned most of her wealth from sponsorship deals. Therefore, Ash Kash has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

One of her most significant collaborations to date is Fashion Nova, which is a famous American fashion apparel brand that collaborates only with the most influential Instagram models.

She also founded Heaven Sent Nails and Fatal Attraction Company.

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