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How did Lester Morrow and Jami Walker meet?

How did Lester Morrow and Jami Walker meet?


They say that you can tell a lot about a person by how kind they are to animals, and if that saying is anything to go by, Lester Morrow and Jami Walker are two of the kindest people walking the face of the earth.

Sometimes, people are put on the planet to come into each others’ lives, not only to help each other, but to help others too and make a real difference, and that is precisely what happened when Jami Walker came into Lester Morrow’s life under the most stressful and heartbreaking of circumstances.

After a natural disaster brought the couple together, what they went on to accomplish for other animals is nothing short of miraculous.

The couple is highly praised in the media and online, though many often wonder how they did wind up together.

So, how did Lester Morrow and Jami Walker meet? Keep reading to find out.

Who is Lester Morrow?

Lester Morrow is one of two founding members of the IMA Survivor Sanctuary.

A hobby farmer and a retired high school teacher from Texas, Lester Morrow founded the IMA Survivor Sanctuary with his fiancée Jami Walker, following the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, back in 2017.

The sanctuary, which provides a forever home and safe haven for neglected, injured, or unwanted animals, was set up after Lester nearly lost everything, due to Hurricane Harvey.

We’ll look at the sanctuary a little later on, don’t worry.

Lester oversees the physical side of things on the farm/animal sanctuary, while also driving a school bus part-time.

Lester took early retirement from teaching so that he could dedicate more of his time and life to helping animals at the sanctuary.

Lester and Jami are hobby farmers.

This means that they do not keep animals for breeding, to eat, to milk, or anything similar.

They simply keep them to care for them and give them shelter and a healthy and happy life, just like you would with a pet dog or cat.

Who is Jami Walker? 

Jami Walker is the fiancée of Lester Morrow and is the other founding member of the IMA Survivor Sanctuary.

Jami is the pepper to Lester’s salt.

She, too, oversees the sanctuary, though she is more technologically orientated and oversees more of the business side of things.

Jami handles the social media marketing, YouTube, finances, accounts, and general admin work.

Between them, they’ve provided the perfect settings for the sanctuary to thrive, and thrive it most certainly has.

What exactly is the IMA Survivor Sanctuary?

Don’t worry, if you’re wondering how did Lester Morrow and Jami Walker meet?

We’ll get to that shortly.

First, though, we need to understand more about the amazing animal sanctuary the pair set up.

The IMA Survivor Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that operates as a rescue center and safe haven for injured, abused or unwanted animals.

The sanctuary was created following the devastating events of Hurricane Harvey back in 2017.

Following the devastating hurricane, Lester was forced to flee his farm.

He did what he could to protect his animals, yet sadly he lost a number of them.

The only surviving donkey was named IMA-Jean, and that is where the sanctuary gets its name, in honor of her.

The non-profit 501c organization welcomes both animals and humans alike, as Lester and Jami know how tough life can be, and how it can get on top of us all if we let it.

They have stated, therefore, that they are always there and more than willing to listen to anybody’s problems and to help wherever possible.

Hurricane Harvey

While the US sees its fair share of storms and natural disasters, Hurricane Harvey was particularly brutal.

The category 4 hurricane made landfall in Louisiana and Texas in August 2017.

The hurricane caused the deaths of hundreds of humans and animals, with powerful winds and devastating flooding causing havoc.

The storm caused more than $125 billion worth of damage, making it equally as costly as Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

Much of Lester’s farm was underwater following the natural disaster, yet something good came of it, as it brought Jami into his life.

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How did Lester Morrow and Jami Walker meet?

Okay, so we know that you’re desperate to find out how Jami and Lester met, and as we don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer, here’s how this heart-warming tale unfolded.

After Lester returned to his farm and lost nearly everything, he didn’t know what to do.

He was desperate to help his animals and get the farm up and running, but he didn’t have the finances.

Feeling as if he had no choice, he reluctantly asked for help online.

He shared videos online of him returning home and shared the emotional scenes of when he was reunited with his beloved animals, and when he sadly lost some of them.

Jami and her friends saw the scenes and volunteered to help. Jami and her friends made their way to Texas and were introduced to Lester.

Jami and Lester instantly hit it off as they had heaps in common, they both loved animals more than anything, and they were instantly attracted to one another.

The two exchanged numbers and began talking; talking led to dating, and here we are more than four years later, and the pair are engaged.

After dating for a while and becoming a couple, they had the idea to set up the IMA Survivor Sanctuary and the rest, as they say, is history.

Right now, Lester and Jami dedicate more of their lives to animals than ever before and have built up quite the following online.

With close to 250K subscribers on YouTube, as well as countless others across social media, as more discover their story, more people are willing to help.

This isn’t for Lester and Jami, it’s for the animals they dedicate their lives to helping.

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