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Is Gabriel Bateman related to Jason Bateman?

Are Gabriel Bateman and Jason Bateman related?


Some names are pretty common.

The world is full of people with the last name Smith, Johnson, or Williams—and it is no different in the world of celebrities, either.

Take Smith, for example. Iconic singer Sam Smith, comedian Kevin Smith, rapper LL Cool J (whose real name is James Todd Smith), Downton Abbey actress Maggie Smith, and Oscars slapper Will Smith—all with the same surname, but probably not related.

When it comes to a more unique surname, though, it’s easy for us to wonder: are those two related?

That’s exactly what happens when we look at Gabriel Bateman and Jason Bateman.

Bateman doesn’t seem like a wildly common last name, so maybe Gabriel Bateman is related to Jason Bateman.


We looked into both these actors to see what we could find out.

Who is Gabriel Bateman?

The Origin Story

Gabriel Bateman


Gabriel Bateman was born on September 10, 2004, and raised in Turlock, California, by his mom Jonelle and dad, Tim.

Tim and Jonelle moved the family from Turlock to Southern California to help their kids pursue their dreams of acting.

Neither Tim nor Jonelle are in the limelight themselves, although Jonelle is active on Instagram to showcase the lives of her children…and there are a lot of children.

Gabriel Bateman and his celebrity siblings

is gabriel bateman related to justine bateman

Gabriel Bateman arrives at the 2022 AFI Fest – “The Fabelmans” Closing Night Gala Premiere – @Getty

Gabriel Bateman comes from a family full of entertainers.

If you think your house gets loud around the holidays, imagine being one of nine siblings, where pretty much all of them are actors, artists, or performers.


Gabriel is the youngest of Tim and Jonelle’s kids, and his sisters used to dress him up as a girl because they wanted a sister instead of another brother.

Who can blame them when the brothers out-number the sisters six to three?

All of the Bateman siblings do performance art—with many involved in local theater and a handful even making waves on the big screen.

Which of Gabriel Bateman’s siblings is famous?

Eldest brother Justin appeared in I Almost Got Away With It, an American documentary series that profiles stories of people who have—as the name suggests—almost got away with a crime.

Brother Judah starred in George Biddle, CPA, alongside other brother Noah, who also appeared in Maker Shack Agency, My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To, and The Convergence.

Aleq, another of the Bateman brothers, is an avid photographer and producer behind The Devil Music Co.

Big sisters Hannah and Leah both appeared on TV, and Leah has racked up quite an impressive resume that includes The Convergence, Little Savages, and the TV series Aquarius.

Finally, there’s Talitha—the youngest of the girls. She has acted in Annabelle: Creation, The Middle, and played a lead part in So B. It.

Gabriel himself has appeared in American Gothic, Benji, Child’s Play, Unhinged, Lights Out, and will hit our screens in 2022 in The Fabelmans and Cipher.

Who is Jason Bateman?

The Origin Story

Jason Bateman


Jason Kent Bateman probably needs no introduction.

The Rye, New York, native spent time in Utah as a kid before moving to California.

Like Gabriel Bateman, he’s got acting in his blood—his dad is an actor, writer, and director named Kent Bateman.

His sister, Justine Bateman, is a famous actress who has appeared in Family Ties, Men Behaving Badly, and Satisfaction.

How did Jason Bateman get famous?

Jason Bateman bio

Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston arrive at the “Horrible Bosses” Los Angeles premiere – @Getty

As it turns out, he chose acting over finishing high school (kids: don’t try this at home).

Jason admitted in an interview with Wired Magazine that he skipped his finals to film Teen Wolf Too, and so he never got his high school diploma.

Fortunately, though, the gig paid off—Bateman went on to act throughout the 1980s on Little House on the Prairie.

Through Little House on the Prairie, and his sister’s role in Family Ties, the sibling duo were able to support their parents financially at a very young age.

Jason Bateman also starred in The Hogan Family, Arrested Development—which scooped him a Golden Globe—Juno, The Switch, Couples Retreat, Horrible Bosses, and a slew of other hits.

More recently, he became the star of the Netflix sensation Ozark, which premiered in 2017.

The show grabbed him a Primetime Emmy and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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Is Gabriel Bateman related to Jason Bateman


So, are Gabriel Bateman and Jason Bateman related?

Are Gabriel Bateman and Jason Bateman related? Nope. Jason Bateman is in no relationship to either of Gabriel Bateman’s parents, and—despite the sheer volume of siblings Gabriel has, none of them are Jason.

Despite speculation that Gabriel might be the son of Jason, it’s just not true.

Nor is Jason his uncle, as the older Bateman only has one sibling—his sister Justine.

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