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Lexi Wilson Net Worth 2024

Lexi Wilson Net Worth – $300,000

What is Lexi Wilson’s net worth?


Lexi Wilson is a talented model, beauty pageant titleholder, and TV star who is most famous for her role in “Below Deck Mediterranean.”

As a Bahama native, Lexi first found fame in her title as Miss Universe Bahamas in 2013.

Through a stroke of luck, she met a yacht captain who hired her on as a stewardess, which ultimately led to her role as a television personality.

Continue reading to learn more about Lexi Wilson, her early life, how she got started, her net worth, and what she’s doing now.

The Origin Story

Lexi Wilson was born in Nassau, Bahamas, in 1992.

She did not come from a wealthy background; in fact, her parents struggled financially and couldn’t offer her a lot of experiences.

Her family’s trips growing up included trips to museums and historical memorials.

Lexi spent her childhood mainly in the Bahamas with her parents and siblings whose names remain unknown.

After high school, she came to the United States on a track and field scholarship.

She attended Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma, where she attained a bachelor’s degree in biology, nursing, and physics.

Lexi began her career in modeling by participating in beauty pageants.

Her fame started to take off after she won Miss Universe Bahamas in 2013. From there, she went on the compete in the 2013 Miss Universe pageant.

At some point, Lexi met a yacht captain who invited her to become a stewardess on his superyacht, Lady Michelle.

Through this position, she was cast into the 6th season of “Below Deck Mediterranean” in 2021. 

Her mother is a constant source of support for Lexi throughout her many adventures. During her time on “Below Deck Mediterranean,” Lexi was seen calling her mom several times for support.

Unfortunately, Lexi’s father passed away in 2020. She often attributes her love of travel to her father who wanted his kids to travel since they were born. 

Towards the end of season 6 of the show, Lexi was fired and decided to leave the yachting industry for good.

Since she left the boat, she has been enjoying her time traveling and decompressing from the show and the backlash she received.


Wilson has been rumored to be engaged to a wealthy man, but she has not been public about her love life.

Lexi Wilson – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Lexi Wilson worth? Her wealth thus far has come from three main sources: starring on “Below Deck Mediterranean,” her social media, and her modeling career. Therefore, Lexi Wilson has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

Despite growing up in a family that struggled financially, Wilson has done well to make a great living for herself.

“Below Deck Mediterranean”

The majority of her wealth has come from her work on the show “Below Deck Mediterranean.”

She joined the show in 2021 and worked on the 6th season of the show.

She was fired by the captain towards the end of the season when she had a verbal altercation with gourmet expert Mathew Shea, another cast member.

It is estimated that each stewardess on the show earns around $5,000 per month, not including tips from guests.

In tips alone, the crew members typically make an average of $15,000 over 6 weeks of work.

Social Media

Lexi has also made money from her social media following.

She gained quite a large following from her work on the TV show.

The exact amount of money she made from her Instagram account is unknown, but she likely made a significant amount of money from sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

She has since turned her profile settings to private following a post negatively targeting “Below Deck Mediterranean,” so this is no longer a major source of income for her.

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Before starring in “Below Deck Mediterranean,” Lexi worked in the modeling industry, and she gained a lot of attention after winning Miss Universe Bahamas in 2013.

From this achievement, she received prize money along with more opportunities to earn money from speaking engagements and modeling.

It is unknown exactly how much she made from her modeling career. However, the average salary of a model is over $125,000.

Lexi’s salary is likely higher due to being a previous winner of Miss Universe Bahamas. 

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