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Harrison Nevel Net Worth 2024

Harrison Nevel Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Harrison Nevel’s net worth? Who is Harrison Nevel’s wife?


Harrison Nevel is a famous Youtuber who has garnered much attention for his videos relating to sneakers.

While this is his main niche, he also makes many other prank and lifestyle videos that garner a lot of attention.

This variety of different videos has allowed him to amass a following of close to 2 million on YouTube, with many views in each one of his videos.

He also has multiple followers on his social media accounts, making him one of the most prominent influencers in the sneaker shoe niche.


In October 2019, Harrison Nevel married Sophie Nevel.


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Harrison Nevel – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Harrison Nevel worth? Nevel earned most of his wealth from YouTube. What makes his YouTube channel more unique is his ability to create highly entertaining content that has a wide audience reach. Therefore, YouTuber Harrison Nevel has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Apart from understanding the way to use the YouTube algorithm to further grow his channel, he also appears to have a high drive to produce content consistently.

If his net worth was to purely be estimated from his YouTube views, it would be safe to say that from YouTube alone, he has made close to $800k.

It is important to note that each YouTube niche will have different advertisers working with them, and thus, different amounts could be generated from the same number of views depending on the type of channel someone holds.

Nevel’s channel is so specialized that it would be hard for us to compare how much he is making with other people in his niche, as it is a relatively small one.

However, much like many other YouTubers, Nevel has leveraged his success to create even more businesses.

The most famous one of these is his online shoe store which has been known to generate him a good income.



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His YouTube is often used for advertising the products that he sells in his store, which is a freeway of marketing his goods to his primary audience.

This entrepreneurial spirit has helped the influencer grow beyond the online sphere.

The Harrison Nevel store, as it is called, sells some of the most unique and rare sneakers, which adds to the appeal of what Nevel has created.

The lifestyle and shows he is promoting are not the ones you could easily purchase just by entering a shoe store; instead, they are highly profitable investments in many ways, as they are special edition and limited production shoes that retain their value.

In terms of his videos, Nevel can often be found traveling across Atlanta, and many of his videos revolve around meeting and inspiring others.

The opportunities he provides to other people have often been seen as one of the primary appeals of his channel and one of the reasons why he has become so popular in the past few years.

In Nevels world, with the right tools, anyone can become a millionaire, and that is something he strongly promotes to his audience.

Apart from the YouTube ad revenue stream, he also has been a part of many successful collaborations with other brands, and he has taken on sponsor deals.

While these are hard to estimate since the amounts are not always discussed, it would be safe to assume that the amount he has made would be close to a few hundred thousand dollars.

Brand Deals


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Sponsorships for Youtubers are an entirely separate revenue stream, and an important one as that can help create another stream of income.

Every big Youtuber, including Nevel, will take advantage of these deals whenever they are available, and they will try to leverage these deals to make the most out of their career and keep growing their accounts.

Apart from his main channel, Harrison also has a vlog account that would generate him more income. Currently, the vlog channel does not have any videos on it, so it is unclear if Nevel intends to eventually use this account as another revenue stream.

While not much is known about Nevel’s investment, from past tweets, it has become clear that he is interested in that world as well.

While his public investments mainly appear to relate to sneakers, which currently have a great resale value, there is also a possibility that he is examining other opportunities.

Nevel has built a world of opportunity around sneakers. On this, he has previously said: “Everybody’s into sneakers now. I think it’s just grown so much, and it’s growing even more.” He also said: “YouTube is my bread and butter.”

In 2020, Nevel bought a house for $700k.

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