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Maciah Bilodeau Net Worth | Wife

What is Maciah Bilodeau’s net worth? Who is Maciah Bilodeau’s spouse?


Maciah Bilodeau is one of the most famous celebrity husbands in America today.

He’s not just a husband, though—he’s also a surfer and carpenter who loves to build things out of wood.

Since being featured on Homestead Rescue alongside his wife, Bilodeau has risen in popularity.

Although he lives his life alongside a partner who is in the limelight, Maciah has found a way to avoid sharing personal details about his life and family.

Let’s explore everything we know about Maciah Bilodeau.


Maciah Bilodeau is currently married to his wife for over two decades, Misty Raney Bilodeau.

Misty Raney is a reality tv star on the show Homestead Rescue, a professional homestead builder, and the daughter of outdoor adventurist Marty Raney.

They met in the late 1990s and dated for several years.

In 2000, Misty Raney and Maciah Bilodeau were married in a small ceremony.

On April 14, 2011, the couple had their son, Gauge Bilodeau.

Although they have not shared a lot of information about their marital life on social media, they have shared several pictures of their son.

Maciah and his wife built a cabin near the Raney family home in Alaska and are also the owners of a home in Hawaii.

Does Bilodeau have social media?

Although his wife is very active on social media, Maciah does not have any social media accounts.

He appears to be a very private person who prefers to keep personal information about himself and his family from the public.

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Maciah Bilodeau – Net Worth

Bilodeau is a professional surfer and carpenter.

Maciah and his family live in both Hawaii and Alaska.

During the summer, they spend time in Alaska, and he helps his wife and her family on the Raney family farm.

He has also been seen alongside his wife on Homestead Rescue, where they help others to develop their homesteading skills.

In the winter months, the family return to Hawaii. There, Maciah can spend time surfing alongside his wife and son.

Therefore, Maciah Bilodeau has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Note – Bilodeau’s net worth is combined with his wife’s.

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