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Melanee Raney Net Worth | Husband

What is Melanee Raney’s net worth? Who is Melanee Raney’s husband?


The eldest daughter of famous mountain climber and songwriter, Melanee Raney has followed in her nature-loving father’s footsteps.

Melanee has spent her entire life in the mountains of Alaska, and unlike the rest of her relatives, she lives a very private life.

So, who is Melanee Raney?

The Origin Story

Melanee Raney was born on October 16, 1976, to parents Marty and Mollee Raney in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

Her mother was pregnant when her parents decided to move to Alaska.

Melanee is believed to have dual citizenship since her mother had to be rushed from Alaska to Canada during childbirth.

Melanee and her three younger siblings, Matt, Miles, and Misty, grew up in the harsh, bitter, Alaskan weather.

The lack of amenities such as plumbing, electricity, and running water Melanee was raised to be tough.

What does Melanee do for a living?

Melanee was a ski guide and mountain climber for many years.

Raney also served as a guide in Girdwood for several years.

Currently, Melanee is the owner of a rafting business in Anchorage, Alaska.

Her business rents out rafts to the public who come into the area.

Similar to her father, Melanee loves music.

She’s played the guitar and piano from a young age.

From the age of 15, Melanee began teaching music lessons and has been ever since.

Despite being from a family of reality television stars, Melanee prefers to remain in the limelight.

She chose to stay away from the screen and opted against being on the National Geographic Reality TV series Homestead Rescue alongside her father.


Melanee Raney is married to Ari Stiassny.

Ari is an Alaskan-born skier and river guide.

The two met atop Cornbiscuit Mountain while ski touring and bonded over their love of the outdoors, and began a friendship.

Their friendship eventually grew into a romantic relationship, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Both Melanee and her husband work as guides with Chugach Adventures, and he’s also worked alongside her father, brother, and sister on ‘Homestead Rescue.’ 

Stiassny.’s also worked as a sailor, a rafting guide, a remote fly-fishing guide, a fish biologist, and a fisherman.


The couple has three children together, Mia, Col Dov, and Taz.

Is Melanee on social media?

Although her husband has been known to occasionally post content about their experiences.

Melanee prefers to live a private life and avoids posting on social media as much as possible.

Melanee Raney – Net Worth

So, how much is Melanee Raney worth?

Melanee earned most of her wealth from working as a ski guide and managing Chugach Adventures with her husband.

Therefore, Melanee Raney has an estimated net worth of $200,000.