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Matt Raney Net Worth 2024

Matt Raney Net Worth – $400,000

What is Matt Raney’s net worth? Who is Matt Raney’s wife?


Matthew Raney was born in July 1982 and is the youngest of the four Raney siblings.

Known as the hunting expert of the family, Matt Raney is a valuable member of the family.

Similar to his sister, Misty, Matt has followed in the footsteps of his famous homestead builder father, Marty Raney.

Let’s explore everything we know about Matt Raney.

The Origin Story

Matt was the youngest of a family of homesteaders living in the wilderness of Alaska.

Growing up with no plumbing, electricity, heat, or running water, Matt was taught from a young age how to survive out in the wild.

Matt spent a lot of his childhood shadowing his father as well as spending time at his uncle’s farm.


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He grew up learning the ropes of the family homesteading business, Alaska Stone and Log, and eventually became part of the team.

Matt, alongside his sister, Misty, and his father, are the main focus of their family’s reality television show Homestead Rescue.

They travel across the country finding families with struggling homesteads to assist them in reconstructing their homesteads and teaching the amateur survivalists how to thrive in the wilderness.

Though Matt may be the youngest of the family, he’s currently considered the heir to the Raney homestead business.

Hunting Experience

Matt was taught by his father and uncle about animal husbandry and farming at a very young age.

Although Matt’s main focus is homestead building, he’s also an incredible hunter and professional hunting guide.

He’s responsible for ensuring that the family has meat all year round.


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Matt often treks across the wilderness of Alaska to provide meat for the family.

Whenever the winter months would near, Matt would ensure that everyone had enough meat preserved to last them the entire winter season.

Raney has encountered bears and wolves during his hunting expeditions but always ensures that the family freezer is filled with salmon, halibut, caribou, sheep, and moose.

While he isn’t hunting, he also enjoys teaching others how to hunt.


Matt Raney got married to a woman named Katie on May 2, 2016.

The pair are currently living in a temporary house near his family’s homestead.

Matt plans to construct a large homestead in the near future.


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The couple has a shared love for hunting, and according to their Instagram accounts, they’ve shared numerous photos of them hunting together.

In the show Homestead Rescue, the couple has also been featured hunting together.


Matt and Katie had their first child, a son named Indy Raney, in 2018.

They then had a second on August 21, 2021, a little girl named Ruby Raney.



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Much like his father, Matt also has a musical side. Matt learned how to play the guitar and ukulele and would often join his father during performances.

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The Brooks Mountain Range

Homestead Rescue isn’t the only project Matt and his father have worked on together.

Matt and his father took part in National Geographic’s Ultimate Survival Alaska.

The pair, along with others, led an expedition through the Brooks Mountain Range, the highest range in the arctic circle.

Matt provided commentary on each leg of the trail and updates on the progress at the end of each day.

Matt Raney – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Matt Raney worth? Matt earned most of his wealth from appearing in Homestead Rescue and working for the family’s business. The show started in 2019, and Matt already has 65 appearances in it. Therefore, Matt Raney has an estimated net worth of $400,000.

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