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Morgan Beasley Net Worth | Margaret Stern

Morgan Beasley Net Worth – $700,000

What is Morgan Beasley’s net worth?


The nomadic life may not appeal to everyone, but for Morgan Beasley, it has been a dream come true.

From living as a nomad to constructing a homestead in the Alaskan wilderness, this former Mountain Men star has truly lived a life of adventure.

The Origin Story

Morgan Beasley was born in Idaho during the 1960s and has always been a nature lover and an outdoorsman.

When he attended college at the University of Idaho, Morgan received a degree in Environmental Science.

After graduation, he settled in the city for a while.

To make ends meet, Morgan worked in construction, processing fish, building cabinetry, guiding crews on nature trails, and as a caretaker for a homestead in Idaho, but his heart longed for adventure.

After a while, he decided to move to Alaska.


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Before settling in his home in Alaska, Beasley spent 10 years living as a nomad and surviving off the land.

He trekked across the Alaskan Range twice.

The only time Morgan would spend indoors was during the winter when he would go to the home he constructed in the Alaskan wilderness.

During his nomadic life, Morgan became known as the first man to grow garlic in Alaska in the wild.


Outside of hunting, Morgan has stated that he enjoys reading, rock climbing, riding horses, and relaxing with a cold beer.

He’s also a private pilot and an aircraft enthusiast.

Who is Margaret Stern?


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Margaret Stern was born in Houston, Texas, then later moved to Main to the College of the Atlantic studiedtudy Botany and Natural History.

After graduation, Margaret gained skills in draft horse work, taxidermy, and agriculture.

She’s also a private pilot and loves flying.

Margaret loves spending time outd, and she she enjoys identifying plants, tracking, and exploring via foot, saddle, and raft.

Armed with these skills, Margaret decided to move to Alaska.

Margaret and Morgan first met when she helped him with one of his horses. There are rumors that Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern are married, but neither of them has confirmed these rumors.

The pair live on the same homestead and spend a lot of time together.

Based on their close connection and interactions with one another, it’s assumed that the two are a couple. 


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Apricity Alaska

Margaret and Morgan are the proud owners of a rustic, wilderness homestead called Apricity Alaska.

The homestead is only accessible by a small plane and is 150 miles from the nearest road.

Nature lovers and adventurers can join Morgan and Margaret in the Alaskan wilderness for a variety of different activities to give them a taste of what homesteading is like.

Some of the activities available at Apricity include backpacking and hiking, bouldering, and a workshop on homesteading skills.

Will Beasley ever return to Mountain Men?

Morgan Beasley joined Mountain Men in season 4 and Margaret in season 6.

The last time the pair were seen on the show was during the season 8 finale in 2019.

Currently, fans are desperate to know if he will ever return to the show.

Morgan has never openly disclosed his reasons for leaving the show.

It’s speculated that he had grown tired of living his life in front of a production crew and wanted more control over what was aired on the show.

After leaving Mountain Men, Morgan started a YouTube channel where he posts content about his and Margaret’s life on their homestead.

On the channel, he posts videos of them flying, hunting, and also post how-to guides.

Morgan has also produced a show called Alaska Range Homestead which can be found on Vimeo.

This show allows viewers the opportunity to see all of the struggles and triumphs he encounters on the homestead.

It doesn’t appear that Morgan has any intention of ever returning to Mountain Men, he’s happy and flourishing in his personal endeavors.

Other cast members of Mountain Men are Martha Tansy and Preston Roberts.

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Morgan Beasley – Net Worth

So, how much is Morgan Beasley worth?

Beasley earned most of his wealth from featuring on Mountain Men for four seasons, donations on Patreon, and selling merch on his website —

Therefore, Morgan Beasley has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

Margaret Stern has an estimated net worth of $500,000. She also appeared on Mountain Men (32 episodes).

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