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Mia Jaye Net Worth (Dolph) 2024

Mia Jaye Net Worth – $4 million

What is Mia Jaye’s net worth? Was Young Dolph married?


Mia Jaye is an American social media influencer who became known to the public following her long-term relationship with the late rapper, Young Dolph.

The Origin Story

Mia Jaye was born on April 15, 1989, in the United States.

She doesn’t provide many details about her personal or early life aside from her marriage to Young Dolph.

mia jaye dolph net worth

Mia Jaye and Key Glock attend Spirit Of Dolph Heavenly Birthday Celebration at Dolphland Pop-Up Museum Westside Cultural Arts Center on July 27, 2023 in Atlanta – @Getty

Jaye is the long-time partner of the late American rapper, Young Dolph.

They shared two young children, Tre Tre and Aria, but when he passed away, she was left as a widow to raise them on her own.

While she was living the picture-perfect life for many years, sharing it with the love of her life, her fairytale love story came to a halting, and heartbreaking end on November 17, 2021, when Young Dolph was fatally gunned down while visiting his family in Memphis, Tennessee.

Young Dolph Net Worth


He took a stroll to Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies – a bakery he and his mother adored – to buy her some cookies.

His walk was typical and peaceful until two unidentified gunmen driving in a Mercedes fatally shot him.

He suffered an excessive injury with over 22 gunshot wounds to his body.

While this was very difficult for Jaye to cope with, especially since she had two young children to explain it to, she planned his funeral to say her final goodbye.

She scheduled the funeral for Tuesday, November 30, 2021, at her First Baptist Church.

Suspects In Police Custody After Manhunt

Like any grieving wife would do, Jaye pressured the police to continue looking for his killers. It wasn’t too long until they identified one of the two men.

Less than two months later, on January 5, 2022, the local police assigned to the case identified one of the suspects responsible for the murder.

They went public and released the details on 23-year-old Justin Johnson, who would be charged with first-degree murder.

Jaye didn’t stop there.

She continued to push the police to find the other man responsible for her husband’s death.

32-year-old Cornelius Smith was arrested for the theft of the car that witnesses saw him in while shooting down Young Dolph.

On January 11th, he was also indicted on first-degree murder, weapons possession, as well as theft charges.

This vindication didn’t bring her husband back, but it brought justice to her and her two children.

The death of her husband wasn’t the first fatal tragedy she was forced to deal with. She also lost her brother. He was assaulted and murdered, leaving Jaye without a bother.

Jaye explained:

The guy who assaulted my brother, he is in police custody, so I’m super excited about that. But this guy was found hiding behind a furnace in somebody’s attic. And my thing is this; ‘you do such a bold crime, and then you turn around, and you’re hiding. You’re so cowardly that you’re hiding trying to save your life but took somebody else. And you’re hiding behind a furnace.’ That’s just ridiculous. That’s senseless, that’s ridiculous, that’s selfish.”

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Mia Jaye – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Mia Jaye worth? Jaye earned most of her wealth from selling copies of her book No Way Tré and managing Fresh Start Kidz, Inc. Therefore, Mia Jaye has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

It is unclear how much Mia has inherited from Young Dolph. However, according to Tennessee inheritance laws, when someone dies with children but no spouse, the estate is split evenly among all children.

He had a mansion in Memphis and an estimated net worth of $10 million. He also owned over 100 Memphis properties.

Young Dolph Net Worth


Dolph co-founded the record label, Paper Route Empire.

Young Dolph was also known to be a philanthropist and enjoyed giving back to his community.

He regularly donated money to his former high school and would also give free motivational speeches for the school kids to watch.

He and Jaye would also give out Thanksgiving dinners to the vulnerable in their hometown and his childhood hometown. He donated 200 thanksgiving turkeys to patients at the West Cancer Center to give them a way to celebrate.

In honor of his love for philanthropy, she continues with his work and includes her children. She is making it a family affair to engage in philanthropy, particularly in her community, to keep her late husband’s memory alive.

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