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Mikayla Saravia Net Worth

Mikayla Saravia Net Worth – $1 million

What is Mikayla Saravia’s net worth?


Mikayla Saravia, also known as KKVSH, is an American social media star, Instagram model, and influencer who is known for boasting about her unusually long tongue.

The Origin Story

Mikayla Saravia was born on October 29, 1997, in California, United States.

There is not a lot of publicly available information about her upbringing as she prefers to keep it private.

She is of Jamaican and El Salvadoran descent and was raised by her mother and father, who were always supportive of any career path she wanted.

She attended a California local university, but it is unknown what she studied or whether she graduated.


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Saravia was like all other aspiring influencers in her early days and took to social media to create a name and brand for herself.

She always had a passion for modeling and utilized the digital world to leverage her dream and therefore, created an account Instagram, where all aspiring models flocked to.


Mikayla created her Instagram page and infused her modeling content with lifestyle and fashion photos, in hopes of getting picked up by sponsors and collaborating with large fashion brands.

She began her modeling career soon after her account went live. Over time, she began to collaborate with apparel and lingerie brands.

She has also been the face of many beauty, sports, bikini, and swimwear products which became a part of her growing net worth.

From the moment she created her account, she was unique and stood out based solely on her content.

As many people know, her signature look is her unusually long tongue, and nearly all of her content is centered around it.

Her provocative and suggestive photos are what captivates her viewers, and she has built up quite a fanbase due to this type of content.



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Over the years promoting her brand and quickly moving up the social media influencer ranks, she made the leap and created her own brand, which eventually become a large part of her income.

Her store is called KKVSH Store, and it appears she sells entertainment content through this domain.

She promotes her business on all her social media accounts, and she likely attracts most of her fans and customers through her Instagram account, as it is the most successful platform she has an account on.


And to further promote her brand, Saravia took to the growingly popular TikTok platform which swept America in 2020.

She is relatively new to the platform and doesn’t post a lot of content, but she still managed to build a relatively decent following. Her account is similar to her Instagram with provocative-natured content, and there is certainly a significant fanbase for that on the platform.

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While some influencers prefer not to utilize YouTube, Saravia took the platform and created an account so she could make more meaningful content.

She created her account on September 1, 2017, under the name KKVSH. It wasn’t until December 4, 2018, when she posted her first video titled “KKVSH BIRTHDAY BASH DENVER” which was one of her most popular videos, garnering over 200K views.

Once YouTube shorts launched, she began creating a lot more content which reached a lot more potential viewers. 

Her channel blew up and is now her second most popular account.

Saravia’s content is similar to the content she creates on Instagram and TikTok, and she incorporates clips of her tongue as the centerpiece.

In addition to her many social media accounts, she also has an active account on OnlyFans, which is an entertainment, membership-based platform predominantly for social-media stars and creators to create and sell exclusive content, among other things.

Any fans of Saravia can subscribe to her service to receive exclusive and personalized content. She offers a $16.49/month subscription plan to get access to her exclusive content and a few other packages. 

Saravia has been on the receiving end of ongoing online hate with respect to the type of suggestive content she creates, which is something she needs to deal with regularly.

As such, she has made it clear that the hate does not negatively impact her and she is proud of the content she creates.

It has allowed her to build a life she always dreamt of. She has also mentioned that her parents are proud of what she does for a living and her mom is a fan who subscribes to all her accounts, particularly her Instagram account.

Her confidence certainly is one of the major selling points for her success.

Aside from all this, there is little else known about her life, and she doesn’t address anything too personal on her YouTube Q&A. 

Mikayla Saravia – Net Worth

So, how much is Mikayla Saravia worth?

Saravia earned most of her wealth from managing KKVSH Store and subscriptions on her OnlyFans account.

In October 2022, the long-tongue Instagram influencer team up with Francia James for a social media stunt

Therefore, Mikayla Saravia has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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