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Mark Bell Net Worth 2024

Mark Bell Net Worth – $5 million

What is Mark Bell’s net worth? Who is Mark Bell’s wife?


Mark Bell is the gym rat and powerlifter turned unlikely business tycoon.

The outspoken—and sometimes baffling—New Yorker may be one of the most surprising motivational speakers of the generation.

With a multi-million dollar empire and several impressive power-lifting titles to his name, Mark Bell is also a YouTube influencer, publisher of a US fitness magazine, a podcaster, and an inventor.

Here’s what we know about the self-professed meathead, the millionaire, and the carnivore who dominates every platform he flexes on.

The Origin Story

Mark Bell was born on 10th December 1976, in Poughkeepsie, New York.

His parents, Rosemary and Sheldon Bell, had 3 children—Mark, Chris, and the late Michael “MadDog” Bell.

Chris “Boar” Bell was also a powerlifter but moved on to follow his passion for film-making.

His interest in social commentary and documentary production eventually led him to produce and direct the 2008 hit film, Bigger, Stronger, Faster—an in-depth and objective look at steroid use in the powerlifting field.


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Mark featured in the film, as did their father.

Mark began lifting weights at the tender age of 11—far too young by modern standards—but quickly worked his way up to professional strongman status.

By age 13, he was competing in powerlifting meets, and by the time he left high school, he was considered one of the best lifters in the US.

To his credit, he held multiple US and state titles.

What started off as working out in his parents’ basement to get as big as his brothers turned into something far more powerful after high school.

He connected with Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell, trained alongside Ed Coan and Mike O’Hearn, and sought to learn as much as he could from some of the greatest in the game.

He holds some insane records (like squatting 1,080 lbs or benching 854 lbs) and is ranked in the top 10 powerlifters of all time.

Thanks to his strength and build, he eventually scored a place in the annals of professional wrestling under the moniker Smelly.

He was the Ultimate Pro Wrestling Champion not once, but twice, and developed his own training routine to stay ahead of the competition. Bell retired from wrestling in 2008.

He also trained as a semi-professional boxer under the direction of Mike Tyson’s former trainer, Kevin Rooney.



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Mark Bell married his wife, Andee, in the early 2000s, and the couple has two children together.

Sling Shot

In 2010, Mark “Smelly” Bell received some tragic news—his beloved brother and hero, Mike “Mad Dog” Bell—had died suddenly.

This massive shift in Mark’s life shook his foundations and drove him to set about putting one of his life-long goals into action.

He went down to a local café with nothing but his tablet and an idea and set to work inventing the Sling Shot.

This strange little gadget—essentially a wide elastic band with sleeves to support proper bench press technique—was a major success.

In 2018, it was on track to earn eight figures, and it has been called the greatest invention since the lifting belt in powerlifting circles.

The Sling Shot supports the upper body and helps eliminate shoulder and joint pain.

While the gadget itself was a hit, it’s Mark Bell’s charisma that has caught the attention of his legion of fans and supporters.

He’s turned his weird and wonderful catchphrases—like “I’ve got 99 problems, but my bench ain’t one”—into merchandise, and he’s released an ultra-camp music video that seemed to drive his popularity ever higher.

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Power Magazine


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Mark and his wife, Andee, eventually launched POWER Magazine, a publication designed to make powerlifting accessible—even appealing—to the everyday person.

Coupled with Mark’s Super Training Gym—dubbed the “Strongest Gym in the West”—Bell has established himself as the go-to guy on the powerlifting circuit.

Super Training Gym was dubbed one of the top 30 gyms in the US by Men’s Health magazine and had helped coach more than 20 competitive powerlifters by 2021.

The Unlikely Life Coach

With this kind of background, Bell has a lot to offer amateur and pro meatheads alike.

But he also has a keen insight into the business world and works wonders showing everyday people how to apply the principles he lives by to every area of his life.

Bell works hard and plays harder, as evidenced on SuperTraining TV and through the popular Power Project Q and A vlog.

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Mark Bell – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Mark Bell worth? Bell earned most of his wealth from inventing a weightlifting accessory called the Sling Shot. Therefore, American entrepreneur Mark Bell has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Mark is also the owner of The Strongest Gym In The West Super Training. He hosts a podcast called the Powercast with Jim McDonald.

His YouTube channel, Mark Bell – Super Training Gym, has over 195 million views — meaning about $600k in revenue before taxes.

Feeling inspired? Check out what Mark Bell can do for you right here.

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