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Wallo267 Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Wallo267’s Net Worth?

Wallace “Wallo267” Peeples is an American entrepreneur, activist, marketer, orator, and social media influencer who has a net worth of $1 million. He is notable for having built up his business empire after serving 20 years in prison for armed robbery.

Little is known of Wallace Peeples’ early years, save that he is a Philadelphia native with at least one brother, who was killed in a shooting attack in 2013, while Peeples was incarcerated.


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In the late 1990s, Wallace Peeples was arrested, tried, and convicted for a string of armed robberies by the state of Pennsylvania.

Despite being physically incarcerated, Wallace still maintained an active interest in the outside world, refusing to be left behind while the world moved on.

He learned of the rise of social media from friends, family, and new inmates who were able to bring him news of the outside world.

I made a decision to myself when I was in prison, that old [expletative] ain’t gonna work, the old conversations, the street, and I gotta start reading more,” Peeples revealed in an interview on The Pivot Podcast.

He added: “I got to start looking at things that are outside of our culture. What happens, sometimes to us in the ghetto, especially when we’re coming from prison, a lot of us lack exposure, we’re not exposed to new things, different cultures, or different environments.

Most people only leave a ghetto when they go to prison or when they go to the graveyard — you know the graveyard … the only time we really leave, and I knew that, so I read more. I used to watch a lot of Anthony Bourdain all his shows, [he] was one of my favorite guys because he exposed me to life.


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Jamila Davis, Wallo267, Yandy Smith – @Getty

Wallo267 collated all of the information he received about the outside world in a series of notebooks and documents he called the “The Mind of Wallo267.”

In this book, he documented the rise of social media in the outside world, and attempted to make sense of it as best he could.

After some time, he was able to procure several mobile devices, and thus set up his accounts.

His attempts to maintain even this tenuous contact with the wider world were temporarily thwarted when, in 2014, he was found in possession of 3 contraband cell phones, an iPod, 5 chargers, a wireless hotspot, and 5 headsets.

Despite the attempts by the authorities to suppress him, Wallo267 was able to maintain a social media presence.

Upon his release, he capitalized upon this immediately.

Post-Release And Social Media Fame

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Immediately after his release, Wallo267 made an Instagram account and was catapulted almost overnight to levels of fame he couldn’t have anticipated in prison.

As a curb-side orator, Wallo267 cataloged the difficulties of street life and fired out post after post of street-life advice and worldly musings.

In one video, where he cautioned against staying in the street life, Peeples alarmed law enforcement officials who thought he had legitimately been injured. The video garnered almost 400,000 views – a far cry from his prison days, where all he could risk sharing were simple motivational messages.

Wallo267’s street-side oratory has won him approximately 2 million followers on Instagram, and he has become a local celebrity, with passersby greeting him and motorists honking to show their support.

In 2017 he was the subject of a Philadelphia Inquirer story, and he now has over 7 million followers across all his social media channels.


Peeples continues to reside in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA.

It is unknown whether or not Wallo267 is married, however, April Divah, also known as AprilDivahStyles on Instagram. They have a child together. “You will always be the number 1 woman in my life in every way possible,” Peeples wrote on Instagram in April 2019.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Wallo267 worth? Peeples earned most of his wealth from founding and managing the Life of Wallo267 LLC, as well as from selling copies of his book. Therefore, Wallo267 has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

In addition to his social media work, Peeples has fashioned himself into a podcaster and a sought-after public speaker.

He has leveraged his considerable social media influence into partnerships with Foot Locker, Puma, the NFL, Global Citizen, and Philly Union. He has also delivered lectures via the prestigious online lecture website Ted.

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