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Jake Schindler Net Worth | Wife

Jake Schindler Net Worth – $20 million

What is Jake Schindler’s net worth? Is Jake Schindler married?


Jacob “Jake” Schindler is an American professional poker player, noted for his performances in both on- and offline poker tournaments.

The Origin Story

Schindler was born in Bryn Mawr, PA on September 25th, 1989.

He currently resides in Florida.

Poker Career

Schindler got into professional poker in 2009, at the age of 20.

He largely went unnoticed until 2013 when, after four years on the circuit, he took top place at the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, bagging himself almost $150,000.

2012 proved to be a big year for Schindler. He also won the WSOP Circuit Palm Beach Kennel Club Event Number 5, taking home a gold ring and winnings of almost $25,000.

Schindler’s biggest-ever win came in 2017, at the Super High Roller Bowl.

Despite not actually taking the top spot, Schindler nevertheless walked away with $3.6 million in winnings as the runner-up.

Besides this, Schindler has had several million-plus wins, most notably:

  • The 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $25,000 High Roller tournament (almost $1.2 million)
  • The 2018 World Poker Tour Five Diamond $100K ($1.33 million)
  • The 2018 Partypoker Millions Barcelona Grand Final €100K Super High Roller ($2.15 million)
  • The 2022 Super High Roller Bowl Europe ($3.2 million)

Cheating Controversy


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After an illustrious and lucrative career, Schindler came under scrutiny in 2022 when it was alleged that he and a handful of other players had been cheating.

Schindler was, along with fellow player Ali Ismirovic, accused of collusion and RTA (‘real-time assistance’) in several of their tournament wins.

His accusers were fellow top tournament players, lending credence to the idea that the high-rolling Schindler was genuinely guilty of the accusations leveled at him.

Schindler did not respond to the accusations, opting for public silence, and continued to participate in both online and offline tournaments, to the displeasure of many.

Throughout this time, the accusations only grew louder, with many calling for Schindler to be blacklisted from the professional scene or at the very least, “shadowbanned” (i.e., discontinue coverage of him).

In September of 2022, esteemed poker tournament organizers PokerGO removed Schindler and Ismirovic from their Poker Masters event, and also removed their names from the PokerGo leaderboard.

PokerGo released an official statement that declared the two were barred from tour play “indefinitely” and that a review would take place after the conclusion of PokerGo’s 2022 season.

Prior to the accusations and bans, both players had been regarded as world-best, with combined winnings in excess of $50 million.

Schindler declined to comment on the accusations or the ban to the media, fueling speculation that his detractors were correct in their suspicions.

In early 2023, Ismirovic and Schindler remained banned from the tables at PokerGo tournaments; whether or not the poker giant will reverse their position on this remains to be seen.

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Schindler is as tight-lipped about his personal life as he is about the cheating allegations; it is unknown if he is in a relationship or married, and it is similarly unknown if he has any children or not.

Jake Schindler – Net Worth

So, how much is Jake Schindler worth?

Schindler earned most of his wealth from his career as a professional poker player.

He has over $36 million in career tournament earnings. That’s pre-tax.

Therefore, Jake Schindler has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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