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Where Does Morgan Wallen Live?

Where does Morgan Wallen live now?


Ask any American country music fan who they love to listen to the most, and you will find that Morgan Wallen turns up a lot.

Having competed on the sixth season of The Voice, he quickly became a household name within the world of American country music.

Ever since his first appearance on the show, he quickly built up an audience, and while he was eliminated from the playoffs, he managed to secure a deal with Panacea Records.

Since his first EP in 2015, Stand Alone, Wallen has secured a massive following in the American country music scene. He has won awards and made a fortune in his time in the media limelight. However, despite that, Wallen is not the most open person in the country music world.

While some are open books and happy to share their whole life story, Wallen has slowly but surely provided insight into his life over the years.

So, that leads many people to wonder many things about Wallen. For example, where does Morgan Wallen live?

This is a commonly asked question about the country music star, and we want to try to break down some of the details.

This might give you an insight into one of the most popular faces of the US country music scene.

where does morgan wallen live


Be warned, though: if you are looking for an actual address, we have no intention of including that!

This, though, will briefly summarise who Morgan Wallen is and where he happens to be residing at this moment in time – roughly, at least!

The Origin Story

As noted above, Morgan Wallen is a country music star who made his name as part of The Voice.

He was originally supposed to be part of the team led by Usher, but he was moved over to the team led by Maroon 5 star Adam Levine.

Since his breakthrough into the music world, he has become a very notable figure within the industry.

where does morgan wallen live now


Wallen was born on the 13th of May 1993, and in his 30 years on the planet, he has built a formidable career for himself within the world of country music.


As noted above, Wallen is a famous country singer.

His success boomed in 2016 when he released his first album under the Big Loud record label.

His debut album, If I Know Me, was a huge success and features other stars such as Florida Georgia Line. He was a no.1 chart-topper on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and has achieved similar success.

wheres morgan wallen from


For example, his second album, Dangerous: The Double Album, became the first album in the history of the Billboard 200 to stay at the top of the charts for seven whole weeks. Ten weeks in total was the record, making it the first album to do so since Whitney Houston’s Whitney album.

He released his third album, One Thing At A Time, in 2023.

That album also broke records, topping the charts for sixteen weeks in total, and also saw all of its tracks enter the Top 100 listing on Billboard. He has also seen this album as having the most songs by an artist on the charts at any one time.

His fame and success, then, come from his stellar music career.

Having been with record labels like Republic and Mercury since leading Big Loud at 30, Wallen has also enjoyed a stellar music career.

One can only hope that, with more time, he becomes even more successful since he broke through into the US country music scene in 2018.

what state does morgan wallen live in

Morgan Wallen attends the 2023 CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 08, 2023 in Nashville – @Getty

Where Does Morgan Wallen Live?

Growing up, Wallen was part of the Sneedville community in Tennessee.

A hotbed of country music stars, it is no surprise that one of the state’s sons has become a major name in the world of country music.

His father, Tommy, and his mother, Lesli, raised him in Sneedville. His father was a regular at the local church, and his mother was a teacher. Growing up, Wallen enjoyed a life as stable as one can find in this part of the world.

However, he moved to Knox County when he was a teenager, and he soon made a big impression on the local baseball team. However, a physical injury put paid to that career choice – instead, he leaned on his natural talent and ability with music.

Violin and piano lessons locally in his small-town upbringing gave him a fantastic range of musical skills.

Though he was a big fan of classic rock and alternative rock, he also had a pretty strong love for other forms of music – including rap music by stars of the time like Lil Wayne.

where did morgan wallen live

Morgan Wallen attends the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards at the Grand Ole Opry on September 13, 2020 in Nashville – @Getty

Growing up in this part of the world, though, opportunities for stardom can feel miles away. However, his love of country music, as well as his natural talent, helped to give Wallen a chance to make something of himself.

That has since seen Wallen move up in the world and move to some pretty impressive places.

At the moment, though, there is not much information about where Morgan Wallen lives. The last known place he lived in was Nashville, the biggest city in the state where he grew up. He was living in a place called Horner Avenue, which is a very plush location. The property he was living in then was a 2,750+ square foot house, costing around $700,000 to buy.

Where does Morgan Wallen live now? We are not sure. He has kept his current residence away from the public eye. However, his last home was a pretty stunning four-bedroom ‘super home’ – he did sell the four-bedroom property for around $835,000 – a pretty tidy profit on what he paid for it.

Wallen has since kept the information about where he lives a closely guarded secret, though, so do not expect to know where he lives unless you see him coming out of the front door!


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