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Bishop Lamor Whitehead Net Worth & Wife

What is Bishop Lamor Whitehead’s net worth? Who is Bishop Lamor Whitehead’s wife?


Bishop Lamor Whitehead is an American bishop who leads the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches in New York City.

He’s also known for his expensive taste in jewelry, clothing, and cars.


He was born on April 30, 1978, in Brooklyn, New York, as Lamor Miller Whitehead.

Not much is known about his childhood or his family.

Whitehead went to Eastern New Mexico University, where he studied videography and accounting. He also studied at the New York Theological Seminary. 

In 2005, he was arrested by Port Authority Police in Upper Manhattan.

bishop lamor whitehead net worth

Bishop Lamor Whitehead attends Stella McCartney during New York Fashion Week – @Getty

At the time of the arrest, police discovered that Whitehead had been operating an extensive fraud and identity theft operation. He was accused of utilizing this operation to secure more than $2 million in loans.

As such, from 2008 to 2013, he served in Sing Sing Correctional Facility.

Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries

In 2014, he founded Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries, a religious organization based in Brooklyn, New York.

bishop lamor whitehead ex wife

Bishop Lamor Whitehead attends Lil Wayne In Concert at The Apollo Theater – @Getty

The mission of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries is to engage and assist every member in developing a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Fraud Lawsuit

In 2021, Lamor was sued for allegedly convincing Pauline Anderson to give him $90k of her retirement savings, which he promised to use to assist her in purchasing a home. Prosecutors later found that he used the funds for luxury goods and clothing.

He pleaded not guilty and was released on a $500k bond.

Whitehead said in an interview: “For everyone that wish my downfall, thank you — because the Bible says that, God says, ‘I’ll make your enemies your footstool.’” 

Involved in subway shooting suspect’s surrender

bishop lamor whitehead car

Bishop Lamor Whitehead attends the BET Hip Hop Awards – @Getty

In May 2022, Whitehead claimed to help secure the surrender of a man (Andrew Abdullah) accused of shooting a passenger on the Q train, as the train crossed the East River into Manhattan, apparently in an unprovoked attack. 

The victim was traveling to meet his brother for brunch.

Andrew Abdullah was charged with killing Goldman Sachs employee Daniel Enrique.

Whitehead said in an interview he did “what I needed to do” to “protect the community” from the suspect. However, Abdullah’s lawyer noted that Lamor had nothing to do with the arrest.

Whitehead arrived at the Fifth Precinct in Manhattan with a $350k Rolls Royce.

Robbed during sermon

bishop lamor whitehead robbed

Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead attends The Launch Of WAY UPB With Angela Ye at 40 / 40 Club – @Getty

In July 2022, the Fendi-wearing pastor and his wife were robbed of $1 million in jewelry (which included a $25k Episcopal diamond ring, a $25k Episcopal ruby-and-diamond ring, a $75k Cavalier watch, and a $75k Rolex watch) after gunmen entered their church.

You guys have no idea the trauma that happened to my family, and we’re still going through it,” Lamor said.

The theft was seen on social media as Whitehead was live-streaming his sermon. 

In September 2022, Say-Quan Pollack and Juwan Anderson were arrested on federal robbery conspiracy and firearm charges.

In November 2023, Say-Quan Pollack pleaded guilty to robbing Whitehead during his church service in NYC. He could face up to 20 years in prison.

Whitehead wants Say-Quan Pollack to receive the maximum possible sentence from the court. “His mindset does not need to be on the streets,” he said.

I participated in a robbery,” Say-Quan Pollack said after pleading guilty. He added: “I took another person’s property with a threat.

Another Lawsuit

bishop lamor whitehead arrested

Lamor Whitehead and Papoose attend Papoose Presents: 50 Years Of Hip-Hop – @Getty

In April 2023, he was sued for $5 million for submitting false documents to evict people from a church building. 

The building was purchased by Lamor in February 2022 at a foreclosure auction for $1.94 million. The problem is that he took over the building without a court order first.


Bishop Lamor Whitehead is married to Asia K. DosReis-Whitehead. His wife was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and founded UaReACHAMPION Empowerment Network, a non-profit organization “designed specifically for the women of today.”

Bishop Lamor Whitehead and his wife Asia K. DosReis-Whitehead

Asia K. DosReis-Whitehead, Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead, and Daniel Jean attend a tribute to Biggie Smalls hosted by Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead on March 09, 2021 in the Brooklyn – @Getty


Whitehead and his wife have three children.


He’s a close friend of New York’s mayor, Eric Adams.

Another prosperity pastor was Rev. Ike.

bishop lamor whitehead house

Sugar J, Jazmyn Summers, Bishop Lamor Whitehead, and Jiton – @Getty

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead – Net Worth

So, how much is Bishop Lamor Whitehead worth?

Whitehead earned most of his wealth from founding and managing Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries and from real estate. “I buy properties, I flip properties — you know, I get into deals,” Whitehead revealed.

Lamor is also a certified marriage and funeral officiant and a licensed New York State Chaplain.

He owns Whitehead Estates LLC, which has a debt of $4.5 million in February 2022.

He was seen in Brooklyn in a Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Maserati.

In August 2022, following the robbery, Whitehead listed his 9,000-square-foot home in Paramus, NJ, for close to $3m. He bought the property in 2019 for $1.64m. The mansion was built in 2014, and it has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

In March 2023, he “told a bank his business had $2m in its coffers when it had less than $10.”

Therefore, Bishop Lamor Whitehead has an estimated net worth of $3 million.


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