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Clark Drum Net Worth | Girlfriend

Clark Drum Net Worth – $800,000

What is Clark Drum’s net worth? Is Clark Drum rich?


Clark Drum is an American famous real estate agent known for his profound knowledge of boats.

He is also also known as the significant other of Juliette Porter, an American television personality.

The Origin Story

Clark Drum is new to the public eye.

He is a real estate agent in the Florida state area and has built a relatively successful career for himself.

Drum graduated from The University of Alabama in 2017.


Drum began dating Juliette Porter, the Siesta Key” reality television star, in October 2021.

Porter has risen to fame as a reality star in 2017.

Juliette Porter girlfriend of Clark Drum


Prior to this, Juliette was a sophomore student at the University of Florida, working toward a much more conventional career.

Siesta Key

During that time, MTV was working on a pilot for a new reality television show titled “Siesta Key.”

Porter quickly became a fan favorite, and she was renewed for many more seasons.

Despite her newfound success, Juliette remained in school as a student at university since she found great value in obtaining post-secondary education.

Porter eventually went on to graduate with a degree in political sciences in 2019.

What made her graduation more memorable and exciting is that it was aired on season three of Siesta Key in January 2020.

Her adoring fans got to watch, and who knows, her soon-to-be boyfriend may have watched as well.

Porter has high ambitions, as her new-found beau Drum does, because she decided to further her studies even more.

During season 3 of her uber-successful reality TV show, her fans caught a glimpse of her working for Blend Fashion House in Sarasota, FL

Prior to taking the job, Juliette was contemplating pursuing a law degree or pursuing her studies in fashion, so it’s clear she chose fashion as a career of choice.

Prior to meeting Drum, she was in what people referred to as a volatile relationship with her ex, Alex Kompothecras.

The two were filmed during season three until they officially broke it off. Little did she know, Drum would make his way into her life in no time at all by this point.

She and Alex were dating before season 1 aired back in 2016.

The relationship didn’t work out during the first few years, so they broke it off just before filming.

They decided, however, to rekindle their relationship the following year when filming for season 1 began.

They had a very tumultuous relationship where they had a toxic pattern of breakup and rekindling over again. However, it wasn’t long before Porter decided to make a clean break for good which was the break in season 3.

While Porter’s love life was still a few years away from Mr. Drum, she still spent time mingling with other relationships.

It is unknown whether Drum was in a previous relationship as well since he remains private about his personal life.

Porter met a new beau in 2019, Robby Hayes, who was a “Bachelorette” star.

Since she began to film season 3 around the same time she and Hayes linked up romantically, her new love life ended up being one of the main focal points of season 3’s storyline.

While the relationship appeared to be filled with love and excitement, it ultimately came to an end. 

Not too long after calling it quits, she jumped into a relationship with someone by the name of Sam Logan. Filming had ended by the time her new fling was sparked, so their relationship was not showcased like all her previous ones were.

Despite this, Juliette still managed to turn it public for her fans to quickly learn about. But like all her previous relationships, this would ultimately come to an abrupt end, too.

Real Estate

Not too long after becoming single, Porter met Drum, a seasoned realtor who worked for his family’s owned real estate company, Drum Realty.

Clark Drum and Juliette Porter


The company is based out of Fort Lauderdale and specializes in buying and selling homes in the state of Florida.

It has been said that he is enthusiastic about boats and local waterways that run across the state of Florida.

As a Florida native, this comes as no surprise.

Drum primarily sells luxury waterfront properties located throughout the wealthy neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale, and many surrounding areas as well.

While he doesn’t receive an attractive paycheck as his girlfriend Porter does, it’s safe to assume he is relatively well-off, which can be credited to his knack for selling mullion dollar homes.

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Clark Drum – Net Worth

So, how much is Clark Drum worth?

Drum earned most of his wealth from working as a sales associate at Drum Realty as well as a sales broker at Kitson Yachts.

Drum Realty is a premier luxury waterfront real estate firm

Therefore, Clark Drum has an estimated net worth of $800,000.

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