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Desi Banks Net Worth $3 Million

What Is Desi Banks’ Net Worth?

Desi Banks is an American comedian, actor, social media, and YouTube star who has a net worth of $3 million. His rise to fame was as an actor, and through social media when he began posting comedic-style and prank videos. 

Desi Banks was born on May 9, 1993, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

He attended Georgia State University and graduated with a bachelor’s of sociology.

Despite earning credentials in a field he was passionate about, he decided to pursue an entirely different career.

He had a passion for acting and performing, so he took a risk and pursued it.

“Growing up, I was always the young kid that could make people laugh,” he told Wabe in a 2019 interview.


His first professional experience in media was in the short music video “Pipe Dream.” Banks was cast as Stick Up Kid 2, one of the leading characters.

That same year he landed the lead role as Cortez in the short film “Never Forget.” He portrayed a troubled teen whose life was turned around by the care and guidance of a janitor.


When the filming of The Pipe Dream wrapped, he was cast in the leading role for the short drama musical “Louisiana 1961.”

2016 proved to be a successful year for him as the films continued to pile up. Before the year wrapped, Banks was cast in two additional films, bringing his total to five.

He landed the supporting role in the short drama “Strangers with Memories.” This was his first full-length film, and it gained a lot of traction, which garnered him more public recognition.

Banks landed his role in a television series, “Cream X Coffee,” and was cast as Groomsman #1 in the “Black Love Matters” episode.

The series wasn’t renewed for a second season, albeit Banks was only cast in one episode.

Banks continued his success into the following year when he landed roles in two additional movies.

The first is “Love by Chance.” He was cast as Dante, the supporting character to the lead. This was his first big-screen film, and his popularity essentially blew up by the time the film had been released.


Banks’ next big project was the big-screen film “La Vie Magnifique De Charlie.” He was cast as the Record Store Customer, which had very little screen time, but being part of the film helmed his resume, nonetheless. The film did better than the previous, scoring an 8.2 IMDb rating.

Things slowed down for him in 2018, but it was still a successful year. He was cast as Eric Reeves in the short drama “Daddy’s Home.” The film went relatively obscure and underperformed in comparison to his previous films.

Things took a turn for him in 2019 when he landed a minor role in the blockbuster hit “Little.” He played the Postmates Delivery Guy, which went virtually unrecognized. However, the best thing about this role was that the film starred many A-list actors, including; Regina Hall, Issa Rae, and Tracee Ellis Ross, among many others. 

When the filming ended for that film, Banks moved on to his next project. He landed a role in the short television show “Bloom.” He played Brazy, a supporting character to the lead. This was a low-budget film created by independent producers.

2020 was just as successful as the previous few. He landed the lead role in the short thriller “The Slammer.” It was a small-budget film, but it performed well, nonetheless. It was another opportunity for Banks to have a lot of screen time. 

When the film wrapped, Banks was busy and on to his next project.

Since his popularity was growing, he was invited to the popular true-crime podcast “We Stay Looking.” His appearance on the podcast was the last project before he wrapped up working for the year.


Banks started 2021 with a bang. He landed the lead role “Desi & Vee Valentine.” It’s a short drama covering the love story of his character. It was another small-budget film for Banks, but the landing of the lead role was promising for his resume.

He landed yet another big project, but this time around, he was the lead character in a film that turned out to be one of his greatest hits yet. He was cast as Zay in the 2021 film “Haunted Trail.” This was the most screentime he had in any movie, and his performance was a breakthrough.

In 2021, Desi also began doing stand-up comedy.

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Net Worth

So, how much is Desi Banks worth? Banks earned most of his wealth from appearing in several TV series and films, selling tickets to his comedy shows, and selling merch on He also appeared on the In Real Life Comedy Tour. Therefore, Desi Banks has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

“Growing up, I was always the young kid that could make people laugh,” Banks said.

In addition to Banks being a television and film actor, he’s also very well known on social media.

He has a substantially large YouTube account with over 2.47 million followers and 757 million views–about $2.2 million in revenue.

The same success is echoed on his Instagram account, where he has over 7.5 million followers. Most of his content is centered around comedic-style videos, and he also promotes his up-and-coming projects.

In October 2021, Desi signed with the CAA for representation.

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