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How Much Does Steve Harvey Make On Family Feud?

How much money does Steve Harvey make on Family Feud?


Steve Harvey is a name that resonates with many regarding TV personalities and game show hosts.

His charisma and magnetic personality have made him a household name in America. However, his role as the host of Family Feud, one of the most-watched TV shows in America, has truly captured the audience’s attention.

The intrigue surrounding the show and its host is palpable, making it a topic of interest for many.

Of course, given his success on that show, many people wonder many things about Steve Harvey. For example, how much does Steve Harvey make on Family Feud?

There’s a lot of speculation about how much Steve Harvey, one of America’s most celebrated TV personalities, earns from his role on Family Feud.

While numerous estimates are floating around, let’s delve into the facts and provide a clear picture of the big-name TV star’s earnings from the show.

This will ensure that our readers are well-informed about the financial aspect of his career.

steve harvey salary on family feud


Short biography

Born on the 17th of January 1957, Steve Harvey is a TV personality who hails from Welch, West Virginia.

His career has spanned a huge number of shows across the years, having become an accomplished actor, TV host, producer, and comedian.

Indeed, he regularly appears outside of Family Feud on shows like The Steve Harvey Morning Show and Judge Steve Harvey and has even hosted Miss Universe in the past.

Steve Harvey, born on the 17th of January 1957, has significantly impacted the world of television.

Hailing from Welch, West Virginia, he has showcased his versatility across numerous shows, earning him the title of an accomplished actor, TV host, producer, and comedian.

His regular appearances on shows like The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Judge Steve Harvey, and even hosting Miss Universe have only added to his fame. However, his role as the host of Family Feud, including its celebrity and African editions, has truly cemented his status.

His exceptional work in the acting circuit has earned him numerous accolades, including two Marconi Awards and seven Daytime Emmy Awards.

Such a successful career trajectory will inspire admiration in his fans and followers.

On top of that, though, Harvey is also a successful author.

He has been involved in the writing of four different books. His 2009 book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, is a best-seller.

Part of his success comes from his entertainment program, Steve Harvey Globa, which has helped him become an even more prominent member of the entertainment industry.

Is He Married?

how much does family feud make per episode

Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey attend the Prabal Gurung Fall 2016 fashion show during New York Fashion Week – @Getty

Yes, he is – more than once, in fact. At the time of writing, Harvey has been involved in three marriages, which have yielded three children – four of them are his own, while three are stepchildren who are part of his various marriages.

He first married Marcia, with whom he has two daughters, Brandi and Karli, both twins, and a son, Broderick.

His second marriage, to Mary Shackleford, ended in 2005, but not before they had a son together, Wynton.

His third marriage began in 2007 when he married Marjorie Bridges, who he says has been an essential part of his life and improving himself. Steve adopted her three children – Morgan, Jason, and Lori.

Thanks to his parentage over the years, Harvey is also a grandfather.

He has five grandkids in total. So, in terms of marriage, he has been there more than once – just one of the many things that he can bring to the table when offering his insight and advice into how life works.

steve harvey salary for family feud

Steve Harvey poses on his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Ellen DeGeneres and Dr Phil McGraw at the unveiling ceremony for the star on May 13, 2013 in Hollywood – @Getty

Is He Successful?

Very much so. Harvey has been involved in the media world for a long time and has built up a fantastic career for himself. However, despite boasting a very successful career, Harvey has noted in the past that he did not always think he was going to find that success.

Harvey said that he had “hoped” to find success, but unlike other big-name celebrity success stories, he never thought it would happen as it has.

He said that his “imagination did not go this big” when talking about the success that he has enjoyed.

Well, when you become one of the faces of American TV and one of the nation’s most prominent talk show hosts, it is easy to see why that might be the case.

Indeed, despite now being one of America’s most bombastic TV personalities, Harvey was living in his car on around $50 per week at one stage.

So, his success is not something that was given to him, nor is he someone who was born into wealth. However, when he landed his first major gig, It’s Showtime At The Apollo, he soon became a media personality that people loved.

That helped him further his success and eventually become a fearless presenter of TV shows, radio stations, and more.

His first major success on TV came in 1996 when he was part of The Steve Harvey Show, which was a successful six-season sitcom.

That propelled him into the national spotlight and eventually took him to where he is now: the beloved host of Family Feud!

how much does steve harvey make per episode

Steve Harvey arrives at the 2017 Summer TCA Tour – NBC Press Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel – @Getty

How Much Does Steve Harvey Make On Family Feud?

Having been the host of one of America’s most beloved game shows since 2010, Harvey has made his name massively in that industry.

He also hosts the celebrity and African editions too, such is the clamour for more Steve Harvey in Family Feud!

With a net worth believed to be in the region of $200m, then, it is clear that Harvey makes a lot of money from his work.

Indeed, he is believed to be among the world’s most highly-paid game show hosts, making a salary of anything from $20,000 to $100,000 per episode. This means that across a season, Steve Harvey could take home as much as $10m, given that each series of Family Feud can have as many as 200 episodes.

However, this is not Harvey’s biggest earner; it is believed that his radio hosting job can provide him as much as $20m per annum.

So, Harvey is bringing in the kind of money that we usually associate with the very highest celebrities in the movie world or the world’s greatest athletes.

We say, more power to him!

steve harvey family feud salary

Marjorie Harvey and Comedian Steve Harvey attend Chado Ralph Rucci Spring 2010 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park on September 12, 2009 – @Getty

It is believed that Harvey has around $45m per year coming in from the various jobs that he has been working. However, when you see how many shows he is involved in, it would be fair to say that Harvey works pretty hard for that money.

He has made a great career for himself, using that natural energy and his amazing wit to have the audience eating out of the palm of his hand no matter what he does.

Flamboyant and fantastic, there is a reason why Steve Harvey can land more or less any job that he wants in the media landscape.

He is beloved, talented, and extremely good at what he does.

No matter how outrageous he might be, Harvey rarely finds himself in controversy, which is why he will likely remain a mainstay of Family Feud – and his other works – for many more years to come.


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