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Jacob Feder Net Worth $2 Million

What is Jacob Feder’s Net Worth?

Jacob Feder is a prominent YouTuber, animal conservationist, and zoo owner and has a net worth of $2 million. He rose to fame by sharing educational wildlife videos about his personal conservation efforts in his native Florida.

Please continue reading to learn more about this famous YouTuber slash conservationist, how he earns his living, and Jacob Feder’s net worth.

The Origin Story

Jacob Feder was born on February 25, 1999, and is a native of Florida.

There are no details available about Jacob Feder’s education, especially if he has a degree.



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Jacob’s YouTube career got off to a sporadic start, having uploaded his first video on July 22, 2013, but only resuming with his second almost six years later.

His second video, which he titled “Backyard Animal Tour,” gained more than a million views in a little over a year and could be considered the proper start of his rise in social media.

After the popular second video, Jacob became a little more regular with his uploads and consistently produced an episode a week.

He is now sitting pretty and racking up millions of views on his growing YouTube channel.

According to LinkedIn, Jacob is registered as a conservationist with the Zoological Wildlife Foundation but has no other listed qualifications.

His favorite YouTube quote is often the butt of online jokes.

He often tells YouTubers “to go comment down below” about a question he has just asked but then immediately provides the answer in his subsequent commentary.

Jacob’s passion for animals started at a very young age, which he says began when he would catch lizards and iguanas around his neighborhood.


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He also made a bit of a name for himself by catching, killing, cooking, and eating iguanas and pythons.

Apparently, this is perfectly legal behavior in Florida, as these animals are classified as invasive species.

Wife/Girlfriend & Family

Jacob Feder is not married.

Jacob is very private about his personal life but does collaborate with his sister on numerous videos.

Jacob and Hannah Feder have become quite the experts at the animal rescue.

On their respective channels, they manage to save all sorts of wild and domestic animals that have been rejected by their mother, mauled, abandoned, fallen in toilets, succumbed to fungus infections, or even tied to balloons.

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Net Worth

So, how much is Jacob Feder worth? Jacob Feder’s net worth is difficult, if not impossible, to pin down as he is not forthcoming about his income. He has a moderately successful Instagram account but does not appear to produce any sponsored posts on this platform.

Feder has around 428 million views on YouTube, equating to $1.3 million in revenue. Therefore, Jacob Feder has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

The YouTube conservation phenomenon also owns a 5-acre ranch in Miami, Florida.

The ranch is being converted into a zoo, where Jacob continues to document the next stage of his conservation efforts for his fans. No information about the value of this property has been publicly disclosed.

One of Jacob’s animal residents at the zoo is a white tiger, for which he reportedly paid $10,000.

The social media personality has a TikTok channel that has millions of likes. If he makes any money from sponsorships on this platform, he does not divulge that information.

Apart from his YouTube and other social media channels, Jacob operates an eCommerce merch store where he sells clothing items such as hoodies, caps, and T-Shirts. You can also purchase live tortoises and iguanas.

​There is currently no publicly available information on Jacob Feder’s revenue from his merchandise store. ​

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