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Ami Brown Net Worth 2024

Ami Brown Net Worth – $700,000

What is Ami Brown’s net worth?


Ami Brown’s claim to fame is as a reality TV star in Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People.

In the show, Ami starred alongside her seven children and spouse, Billy Brown.

Read on to learn more about Ami Brown’s net worth, life before fame, and what she’s doing now.

The Origin Story

Ami Brown was born as one of two children on March 22, 1963, to her mother, a civil servant at the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge.

The other child, a brother named Les Branson, was born on August 28, 1964.

Ami had the first of her seven children with her late husband Billy Brown in 1984. Billy sadly passed away from a seizure in 2021.

Ami has not been forthcoming about her early life, other than to say that she suffered through an abusive upbringing, and her father’s alcoholism tore her family apart.


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During an interview, Ami revealed that she ran away from home to marry Billy at the young age of 15. Billy was 26 when they tied the knot.

Some people may find news of such a young bride disturbing, even more so when they learn of the 11 year age gap between her and Billy.

However, in 1979, Ami was of legal age to get married with parental consent. According to reports, Ami and Billy had permission from her mother as long as Ami agreed to finish high school.

Ami did not hold up her end of the bargain. She cut off all ties with her family soon after the wedding and dropped out of school.

Ami’s family also reported that Billy became a controlling influence in Ami’s life and would not allow her to contact her family.

Ami herself has never publicly denounced Billy or her marital circumstance and always refers to him in a positive light.

According to Ami and Billy’s reality show, their relationship until Billy’s death was a decades-long true romance, but marrying such a young bride was not the only controversy surrounding Billy.

At the same time as the details of the marriage were being unearthed, a welfare fraud charge also came to light.

The family faced legal challenges when confronted with a claim that some family members received government assistance they were not entitled to while living out of state.

A Juneau grand jury indicted them, and they were forced to pay restitution and hole up in a hotel for a month of house arrest. 

Billy and Ami’s first child arrived when Ami was 18, with six more children following, including:

Billy and Ami’s children appear on the show, with some getting married and starting families of their own during its run.

Ami was not Billy’s first wife, as he got married at 16 to a 17-year-old girl named Brenda. According to the paperwork, the pair had two daughters together, Twila and Brandy.

Brandy has never been publicly revealed, as far as our research shows, but Twila made an appearance,  with Billy describing her as his long-lost daughter of 30-plus years.

Cancer Battle


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In 2017, Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer after suffering from back pain she first attributed to arthritis.

The cancer was stage 3, so Ami and her family packed up and headed to Washington so she could access cancer treatment.

After several months of treatment and rehabilitation, Ami was given the all-clear by her doctors and now continues to work on the farm with her children.

Ami Brown – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Ami Brown worth?

Living the old-fashioned lifestyle and off the land does not evoke images of grandeur and wealth, but it has been surprisingly lucrative for the Browns.

When he died in 2021, Billy Brown is thought to have been worth a figure of about $$412,000, which would be a significant addition to Ami Brown’s net worth. 

In 2016, Brown purchased 400 acres of land in Washington for $1.6 million.

Ami is now the family’s matriarch and says she and the children will continue to build Billy’s legacy without him, stating, “The Dream hasn’t died, nor has it changed.”

She and her children are continuing to work on the property, with the goal of turning it into a working ranch and farm.

Ami has appeared in 102 episodes of Alaskan Bush People.

Therefore, Ami Brown has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

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