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Matt Katrosar Net Worth | What does Matt Katrosar do for a living?

Matt Katrosar Net Worth – $2 million

What is Matt Katrosar’s net worth? What does Matt Katrosar do for a living?


Matt Katrosar is an American businessman specializing in media and entertainment.

While he is a private figure, Katrosar became relatively known to the public eye when he married Melissa Claire Egan. She is an American television actress best known for her roles in All My Children and The Young and The Restless. 

The Origin Story

Mattew Adam Katrosar was born on March 21, 1978, and grew up in Coral Springs, Florida.

Katrosar has not released information any further details about his family or childhood. However, he has posted photos of his late father and talks about their remarkable relationship.

So, it’s safe to assume his father was a significant part of his childhood.

Katrosar attended JP Travella high school for the duration of his childhood until he graduated. Following this, he enrolled at the University of Florida, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in science and management and graduating in 2000.



His rise to fame followed his marriage to his wife, Melissa Claire Egan, an American daytime television actress.

The two tied the knot in 2014 and have since been happily married.

Katrosar and Egan met at CBS Interactive while working in the same department.

They hit it off right away after meeting and decided to go on a date.

The couple recalled immediately noticing they shared the same interests, so they decided to continue dating.

A few years of dating turned into marriage.

July 27, 2014, was the day they married. “8 years baby,” Melissa wrote on her Instagram on July 27, 2022. “Wish we could re-live this day over and over.”

They held a beautiful ceremony at a rural, ranch-style property in Santa Barbara.

Their close friends and family attended the blissful ceremony.

“After date one, I knew that this relationship was something that was real,” Katrosar said in an interview with “insideweddings” where he recalled the first time meeting his Melissa.

He continued: “I can’t buy a T-shirt without spending hours second-guessing, but when it came to Missy, there was no question in my mind.

His wife was an actress for many years before their meeting.

Her first stint in front of the camera was on the hit television shows Dawsons Creek, along with One Tree Hill and Criminal Minds.

There were minor roles, so she was relatively unknown at that stage in her budding career.

Egan finally had her first taste of success when she was cast in a recurring role in the daytime sitcom, All My Children. This role lasted between 2006 – 2011.

Matt Katrosar ahd his wife Melissa Claire Egan


This was followed by many minor roles for the next few years.

Egan had another big break in 2011 when she was cast in one of the leading roles in The Young and the Restless. “I’m so grateful to work with these actors and this crew,” she said about performing on The Young & the Restless.

It wasn’t until three years into this role that she met Katrosar.

Interestingly, while they both work in media, they work in drastically different capacities but still managed to meet and get married.

It is not very common for celebrities to marry outside of their professional space.

Nonetheless, Egan is a successful actress, so it made sense for her to marry someone equally as successful, even if it’s in a wildly different space.


The couple has a baby boy named Caden Robert Katrosar.

What does Matt Katrosar do for a living?

Katrosar’s successful career started when he accepted a job at CBS after he graduated from university.

He began his career in 2000 at CBS, an American commercial broadcasting television and radio network. He worked as a media coordinator, current programming manager, and sales planning manager.

In 2007, he moved to CBS Interactive, a chapter of the CBS network.

Katrosar also held many different roles there, including Account Manager, Account Executive, and Director of West Coast Sales.

In 2018, Katrosar took a job as the Head of Advertising and Sales at Pluto TV, an American video streaming service.

He spent nearly three years at the company until he was promoted to a position within Paramount, the parent company of Pluto TV.

Since 2020, he has been the company’s vice president of ad sales.

More recently, he was invited as a panelist to the Entertainment Breakfast event organized by Think Entertainment, a production company owned by actress Shelley Duvall.

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Matt Katrosar – Net Worth

Katrosar earned most of his wealth from working for Pluto TV, Paramount, and CBS.

Matt also had an acting stint in 2020, where he was cast in the daytime television show “The Young and Restless.” He was cast as a paramedic in episode Episode #1.12021 and as Stryker in episode Episode #1.11983.

Therefore, Matt Katrosar has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

His wife, Melissa Claire Egan, has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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