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Crazy Lamp Lady Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Crazy Lamp Lady’s Net Worth?

Crazy Lamp Lady (real name – Jocelyn Elizabeth) is a famous American YouTuber who has a net worth of $1 million. Her claim to fame is due to her obsession with lamps and all things antique, which she creates content about on her wildly successful YouTube page.

Aside from being a successful YouTuber, she is also a blogger and treasure hunter.

Jocelyn Elizabeth was born on September 1, 1988, in Methuen, Massachusetts, USA.

According to the very minimal information she offers her viewers, Elizabeth grew up in Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth was raised by her parents whom she shares a close relationship.

Jocelyn often includes photos of them in her social media posts.

As a child, her first true passion was writing. Jocelyn often talks about how she began writing at a young age and would often write about random subjects – whatever got her writing was a good enough topic.


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And when she had a bad day, she would retreat to her bedroom and take out her book and pen to write about her day, which was her personal form of therapy.

While writing was something she loved and her default hobby, Elizabeth never considered it to be something she would leverage for a career.

She went to Harrisburg Area Community College.


From November 2006 to November 2007, Elizabeth worked as a barista at Barnes and Noble Cafe.

From August 2014 to February 2015, she had a job as a marketing administrator for Logisys Incorporated.

From August 2008 to December 2018, Jocelyn worked as a marketing administrator with Computer Aid.

By the end of her time with Computer Aid, Jocelyn had realized that working a traditional 9-5 was not fulfilling for her. As such, she took a leap of faith and began planning a YouTube career. 

During the interim between her marketing role and creating a YouTube channel, she transitioned into a freelance writing career. Her first professional writing gig was writing for herself on her self-made blog titled “Relic Recoverist.”

After gaining enough writing experience, she was hired by “American Digger Magazine” as a regular guest content writer.


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Crazy Lamp Lady is in a relationship with Andrew Waholek. The two are yet to be married.



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She has three children, a son William and daughters, Juliette and Laurel.

Elizabeth posts a lot of content about her children on her Instagram channel, so they are relatively known among her followers.

YouTube seemingly runs in the family because Waholek also runs his own channel.

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Net Worth


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So, how much is Crazy Lamp Lady worth?

Elizabeth started her career as a YouTuber to share with the world her passion for shopping for antique items, particularly antique lamps.

Her hobby is shopping for undervalued antique items and either keeping them for her home or reselling them on eBay to turn a profit.

Since not every item she purchases is in functional working order or a condition that would appeal to buyers, she employs a few friends to help her refurbish and prepare them for resale.

Her antique resale business has proven to be uber successful as she sells, on average, over 700 items per month which are all market up significantly high.


It wasn’t until 2016 that she finally decided to launch her YouTube channel.

Her channel is primarily centered around sharing her experience with shopping for antique items and what goes into reselling them. 

Elizabeth often shops at local Goodwill stores and thrift shops, and she also purchases clearance items online if she believes they have a high resale value.


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Her ability to see value in items that most other people don’t is something her family calls her superpower.  

Whether it is a superpower or just an interest, it certainly has proven to be lucrative enough for her to turn it into a high-income career.

Jocelyn is also an expert at detecting metal which initially started off as a hobby.

She started metal detecting in 2014 and quickly learned she can turn a big profit on the metal items and coins she finds.

As such, Jocelyn still does this as a side hobby and includes her family. Anything of value that she finds, Elizabeth refurbishes it and sells it online.

While she initially considered selling items merely a hobby, Elizabeth eventually trademarked her business and turned it into a full-time career.

She now travels across the country with her family looking for a deal that she can convert into a prophet.

Because she was creating such original and unique content, her YouTube channel grew so quickly that it is now trademarked as well, and she has turned it into her own personal brand.

Only a few short years after she started her YouTube channel, she became a six-figure income earner.

Since eBay is her selling vehicle of choice, most of her sails derive through the platform, and she eventually became one of their top-rated sellers and has been featured on their podcast a few times.

Elizabeth shares a lot of her tips and tricks for how she manages to make a lucrative living off selling used items.

In 2022, Jocelyn bought a new home.

Therefore, Jocelyn Elizabeth, aka Crazy Lamp Lady, has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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