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Mike Horstman Net Worth | Dog

Mike Horstman Net Worth – $500,000

What is Mike Horstman’s net worth?


Some people dream of a life lived off the grid in the wilderness, and this was certainly the case for Mike Horstman.

Mike’s aspiration to live and hunt in the wilderness of Canada became a reality.

Today, he’s considered a renowned bear guide and hunter.

Let’s explore some of the details we know about Mike Horstman.

The Origin Story

Born on December 19, 1954, Michael Paul Horstman was raised in Jonesville, New York.

Though his parents weren’t interested in hunting, his uncle, William Horstman, often hunted small game in the Adirondack Mountains.

During his teenage years, Mike developed a fascination with hunting and often dreamed of going to the Alaskan mountains for hunting.

When Mike discovered magazines that detailed Alaskan hunting adventures, his interest only grew. Mike graduated from Sendenhowa High School and chose not to attend college.

By the age of 17, Mike went on a hunting trip to the Adirondacks with a group of experienced hunters and killed his first bear. At this point, he was ready to embark on his very own adventure.

During the mid-1970s, Mike moved to Idaho, where he worked as a horse packer and guide for a few years. But he still had dreams of going to Alaska.

Mike refined his hunting skills while in Idaho by hunting deer, elk, and sheep.

Horstman eventually ventured into, Kodiak Island, a small village at the foot of a mountain in Alaska.

He continued his journey until he arrived at Eagle Ridge Harbor.

Life on Kodiak Island

Horstman has been a permanent resident of Kodiak since the winter of 1979, and he has no intentions of leaving.

He lives alone, with his dog, in a remote cabin on Eagle Ridge Harbor.

The area is only accessible by boat or plane.

He began leading hunting trips in 1973, and by the mid-1980s, he was promoted to registered guide in Alaska.

By the 2000s, Mike was given the title Master Guide, an accomplishment that isn’t easy to achieve.

Mike is a master bear guide and hunter. With 40 years of experience under his belt, Mike offers his service as a guide to other hunters to enhance their hunting experience in Kodiak.

For 11 weeks every year, Horstman guides brown bear hunts.

He conducts three or four hunts during spring and two or three during fall.

The rest of his time is spent living off the land.

Mike’s family members are constantly trying to persuade him to return to civilization, but he doesn’t seem to be ready to leave Alaska behind just yet.

Mountain Men

Horstman is most well-known for his role on the show, Mountain Men.

He made his first appearance during season 7 of Mountain Men in 2018 and then was featured on the show in 24 episodes until 2021. Other cast members of Mountain Men include – Marty Meierotto, Jake Herak, and Martha Tansy.

Mountain Men wasn’t Mike’s first appearance on reality tv.

In 2014, Mike appeared in a series known as The Hunt. The show was centered around the hunt for a Kodiak Brown Bear while dealing with the rugged terrain.

This show, however, was not as popular as Mountain Men and only lasted for one season.

In September 2022, Mountain Men premiered their 11th season, and Mike was once again a returning cast member of the show.


Mike Horstman is unmarried.

Mike is a very private man who doesn’t share any insight into his personal life online.

There are no records of Mike ever having been in a relationship or fathering any children.

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Mountain Men fans have fallen in love with Mike’s hunting partner.

Horstman and his dog, Adele, are inseparable.

She was featured on Mountain Men with him and, according to his website, accompanies him on every hunt, even when with his clients.

Adele is a German White-haired Pointer, a breed that is meant especially for hunting and outdoors.

The life expectancy of this breed is about 16 years.

At about 12 years old, Adele is an older dog, yet she’s still able to hunt with Mike as though she were still a puppy.

Mike has had Adele for several years and has a very special bond with his canine companion.

Mike Horstman – Net Worth

Horstman earned most of his wealth from working as a guide and appearing in Mountain Men. 

He earned the title of Master Guide in 2001.

Therefore, Mike Horstman has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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