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Michelle Choi Net Worth $1.5 Million

What is Michelle Choi’s net worth?

Michelle Choi is a YouTuber who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Michelle is more than just another content creator vlogging about her life on YouTube. She is a Korean American vlogger with a major following and an interesting approach to influencing millions.

Instead of being loud, brash, and flashy, Choi went in the opposite direction—her videos are curated in a way that is relaxing, quiet, and calm.

Fans enjoy her cool, minimalistic aesthetic and her softly-spoken voice—as well as her Living Alone Diaries series on YouTube.

Michelle Choi, who is dating a guy in the military (Ivan Hui) and lives with her beloved furry companion, Dobby, is all about being comfortable with herself.

Here’s how she got that way.

The Origin StoryMichelle Choi Net Worth Boyfriend

Michelle Choi was born on October 3, 1994, in Seoul, South Korea.

Quite the jetsetter, Michelle was raised in California before returning to Seoul to finish high school.

She completed her last year of high school in Seoul—enrolled at Jinseon Girls’ High School in Gangnam-Gu—before she headed for the bright lights of London to study fashion at Chelsea College of Arts and Design.

Choi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and returned home to Seoul to continue her education at Yonsei University.

She graduated in 2016, and headed back to the US to be reunited with her parents and begin her life as an educated adult.

California turned out to be a weird fit for the international fashionista, so she headed to New York.

Michelle’s parents, South Korean immigrants who moved to California to provide a better life for their family, own a small dry-cleaning business.

Choi credits them with teaching her what she knows about running a business, and the value of hard work and discipline.


Michelle Choi met Ivan Hui, a Korean national, while she was studying.

The strapping you military man appeared regularly in Choi’s social media content up until early 2022, when Michelle shared in a video that Ivan had gone back to South Korea to serve in the military.

While Ivan does his civic duty in South Korea, Michelle and their dog, Dobby, hold down the fort in her elegant New York City apartment.

It is unclear if the pair are still together.

Little Puffy—What?

It might be a weird name, but Little Puffy is a merchandising business that Michelle and her parents launched together.

The label, which sells quirky hoodies and tees designed by Choi, has seen some impressive sales, and typically sells out of new items within weeks.

She recently shared with her followers that her parents’ business in California has struggled over the past few years—and especially in the trying times of 2021.

To help mitigate the impact that the last few years have had, they have fulfilled the orders for Little Puffy in their downtime—bridging the gap between their expenses and their dwindling income from their business.

Although Choi admits that her parents speak limited English, they understood what was happening in the Black community, and chose to donate their earnings from Little Puffy to supporting organizations involved in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Choi said that she was so proud of them for what they were doing.

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The Rise To The Top

Choi is an ultra-popular YouTuber and social media star now, but it’s taken a lot of grinding to get to where she is.

The diminutive starlet posts to YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok on a daily basis, to talk about her life in New York City.

She is also an avid fashion fan, and shares hundreds of photos of her carefully curated outfits on Instagram.

Choi is also a great cook, and regularly shares her meal plans and dish ideas with her followers.

Her most popular series, though, is the Living Alone Diaries.

This series focuses on mental health, home life, fitness, and self-care and saw a massive boom.

Net Worth

So, how much is Michelle Choi worth? Choi earned most of her wealth from ads on YouTube, posting on TikTok, brand deals via Instagram, and working as an educator at NYC Korean School. Therefore, Michelle Choi has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

On YouTube, Choi has over 192 million views — about $570k in revenue.

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