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Mike Alstott Net Worth | Wife

What is Mike Alstott’s net worth? Who is Mike Alstott’s wife?


If you followed football in the early 2000s, you might recognize the Alstott name.

For those who don’t know, Mike Alstott was a famous football player who climbed the ranks from childhood leagues to the NFL.

His small-town story is heartwarming and inspirational, and his career as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer went above and beyond what anyone expected. 

So, what happened to Mike Alstott, athlete on the fast track to even more stardom?

Below, we cover his football career from beginning to end and fill in the empty spaces about his family, personal life, and net worth.

And, of course, we answer the question: what happened to Mike Alstott, and where is he now! 

The Origin Story


Alstott grew up in Joliet, Illinois.

He had humble beginnings in a middle-income household.

His father, Dennis, worked in waste cleanup and his mother, Jeanne, was a cashier in a grocery store.

Even though Alstott didn’t have to work, he had a paper route.

His father directed the local football league, and Alstott started playing at the age of 7.

He went on to play for the local private school and landed himself a spot on the Purdue University football team. 

His dedication and work ethic made him stand out: he was determined to match his own speed with strength and power.

In high school, he pulled tires and pushed cars to build his muscles.

In college, he continued the same rigorous strength training and achieved advantageous results.

The byproduct: during his senior year, he broke the record for yards ran in a single season, maxing out at 1,436 yards. 

A-Train Leaves the Station: Tampa Bay Buccaneer

Alstott was selected in the 1996 NFL Draft and had a truly amazing career as a fullback for the Buccaneers.

He received 6 Pro Bowl and 3 First-Team All-Pro honors and contributed to the team’s first Super Bowl win in Super Bowl XXXVII. 

Unfortunately, a severe neck injury brought his career to a premature end in 2007. 

To honor his time on the field, Mike was inducted into the Buccaneer Ring of Honor in 2015.

His skills, accomplishments, and dedication to the team and the sport were all recognized.

Bryan Glazer was the team’s co-chair and summarized Alstott as a player in this quote: “he had the size of a fullback, hands of a tight end, [and the] speed of a running back.”

Wife & Children

Mike Alstott is married to Nicole Alstott.

Mike Alstott and wife Nicole


They have three kids: Griffin Alstott, Lexie Alstott, and Hannah Alstott.

The family lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, and all three children attend(ed) North Christian School. 

Griffin Alstott is currently a quarterback at Western Michigan University, majoring in recreation sports management. 

Though they did not play football, Lexie and Hannah followed in the family’s athletic footsteps and played volleyball at North Christian. 


After his retirement in 2007, he started the Mike Alstott Family Foundation.

Their mission, as stated on their About page, is to help “individuals overcome life-altering obstacles.”

They raise money to help families by bringing them together! 

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Where is Mike Alstott now?


In addition to being a father, husband, and philanthropist, Alstott has returned to his roots in high school football. 

When Griffin decided to try his hand at the sport, Alstott originally sat on the bleachers with the other parents. But he was restless and soon found himself coaching that very team.

From there, he worked as an assistant coach at St. Petersburg Catholic and then moved on to coach Northside Christian starting in 2012.

He built the team from the ground up and is still their coach today. In addition, he is busy managing Mike Alstott Family Foundation.

Mike Alstott – Net Worth

Alstott earned most of his wealth from playing for Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1996 to 2007.

In 1998, Alstott signed a five-year contract extension worth up to $32 million. “We view Mike as a special player, not just a fullback,” GM Rich McKay said. The new contract included a $4-million signing bonus. 

In 2012, Alstott sold his home in Yacht Club Estates for $1.9 million. He bought the home in 1999 for $775,000.

In November 2020, Mike listed his house in Saint Petersburg, Florida at $1,599,000.

Therefore, Mike Alstott has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

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