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Nonie Crème Net Worth | Husband

What is Nonie Crème’s net worth? Who is Nonie Crème’s ex-husband?


Nonie Crème is a beauty mogul and entrepreneur.

She is the founder of Butter London and has her own beauty lines that are retailed in various stores throughout the United States.

Crème has also appeared on the reality TV show Marrying Millions alongside her younger partner, Reese Record.

More recently, Nonie has diversified her business and launched a high-end CBD oil store, which has contributed significantly to her net worth and career earnings.

The Origin Story

Nonie Crème was born on Christmas Day in 1972 in Houston, Texas, and attended St Catherine’s Montessori School as a child.

She refers to herself as a “middle-class kid with a half-million-dollar education.”

Although she has been known throughout her professional career as Nonie Crème, this isn’t actually her real name.


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Her real name is Eleanora Ramirez, which she used until she moved to London. 

The story of why she went to London is fascinating, and she recalls: “I followed a boy to London! A local rock’n’roll kid who was British. He was the son of a famous Rockstar and had his own band. I didn’t have a visa – I was a 22-year-old and an illegal alien. I decided to do nails because it was a cash business, and I didn’t want to get caught!” 


Before settling down with her new partner Reese Record, Nonie was married for 22 years to Lalo Crème, and it is he whom she is referring to in the quote above.


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The pair have a daughter together and co-parent amicably, despite no longer being together. 

Note – She’s 17 years older than Reese. The two met on a dating app.

In addition to their appearance on the show Marrying Millions, fans can keep up with Nonie and Reese’s exploits via social media, as Nonie maintains and regularly updates her Instagram page.

While she shares snippets of her professional life, much of the content that she shares is from trips and excursions with Reese and friends. 


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Nonie Crème – Net Worth

So, how much is Nonie Crème worth?

While fans of Lifetime’s binge-worthy TV show Marrying Millions will be familiar with Nonie Crème and her partner Reese Record, others might not know a great deal about her life and earnings.

The premise of the show – where Nonie Crème catapulted herself into the public eye – is that one of the partners (in this case, Nonie) is particularly wealthy, while the other is less well off. 

Nonie has made a name for herself in the beauty industry, which is how she has amassed an impressive net worth.

She’s involved in many health and beauty products, but she started her career as a freelance nail artist in London.

Crème recalls having just $200 to her name when she signed up for night classes to learn how to be a manicurist, and she quickly realized that she had a talent for her new vocation. 

She recruited her early clients by standing at the side of the road and advertising her talents on a piece of paper.

She would then go to her clients’ offices and homes and do their nails, which is how she made a start to her career in London.

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Butter London


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As her career progressed, she launched her own company – Butter London.

The company was incredibly successful in the UK, and it soon became international, with Butter London nail bars popping up in various venues in different countries, the US included.

She has worked with many celebrities throughout her career, including Jessie J and Snoop Dog.

Nonie then moved to the United States, taking up a role as the chief creative officer for Seattle-based company BeautyGARDE.

And when she switched London for the United States, she sold her Butter London nail polish business for around $20 million, which secured her a huge return on her initial investment and set her up for the rest of her life. 

But the sale of Butter London wasn’t the end of Nonie Crème’s creative endeavors.

She went on to launch Colour Prevails, which she launched at New York Fashion Week in 2015.


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In the same year, Nonie announced a partnership with Wallgreens, which confirmed that her range would be sold exclusively within retail outlets of the chain store. 

Additionally, Nonie’s BeautyGARDE products are sold by high-end retailers such as Nordstrom and Ulta, further adding to her income streams within the health and beauty industry. 

Away from beauty, Nonie Crème is also the founder of Find Your Fulcrum, a company that produces and retails luxury CBD products.

The company retails a broad array of high-quality CBD oils that Nonie promotes and retails online. 

Therefore, Eleanora Ramirez aka mogul Nonie Crème has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

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