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Ryan Higa Net Worth | Ethnicity

Ryan Higa Net Worth – $10 million

What is Ryan Higa’s net worth? What ethnicity is Ryan Higa?


Ryan Higa is a Hawaii-born comedian, YouTube content creator, and filmmaker.

He might be best known for his hilarious skits—on his ultra-popular NigaHiga channel.

He’s been nominated for a Best Video Blogger Shorty Award—going up against Will Shepherd, Jullien Gordon, and Chris Pirillo.

He’s held the title for the most subscribed YouTube channel for more than 650 days in a row.

He’s also got 21.2 million YouTube subscribers and 2.3 million Instagram followers, and he’s been featured by Forbes, Variety magazine, and Huffington Post.

Here’s how the 90s baby has stayed relevant as a social media celebrity.

The Origin Story

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Higa was born on June 6, 1990, in Hilo, Hawaii, into an American-Japanese family.

Ryan also has a brother—Kyle.

As kids, the brothers trained in Judo—where Ryan holds a black belt—and they also wrestled for Waiakea High School.

When Ryan graduated from high school in 2008, he made a move to the US mainland, where he studied at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

He studied nuclear medicine, although he dropped out once his YouTube channel started to gain major mainstream traction.

In 2020, Higa endorsed Andrew Yang for the Democratic presidential nomination.

From Nuclear Medicine To YouTube Videos

what is the net worth of Ryan Higa (2)


In 2006, while Higa was still in high school, he started uploading videos to YouTube with his buddy, Sean Fujiyoshi.

The videos, which started off as lip-syncing to popular songs, eventually moved to singing and comedy and often featured the pair’s friends.

After several run-ins with YouTube moderators over copyright violation—for their music videos, predominantly—Higa decided to start composing his own music.

He re-uploaded the videos that got flagged for copyright infringement with his new tracks.

In 2008, after Higa made the move to the mainland in order to further his education, he took the nigahiga channel with him.

He created several short films—including 2009’s Ninja Melk and Agents of Secret Stuff in 2010.

As part of Higa’s passion for film and videography, he started a film production company in 2012, alongside his high school friend and original YouTube co-star, Fujiyoshi.

Ryan Higa Productions has been responsible for all nigahiga content on YouTube from that point on.

Higa’s hard work and dedication paid off.

By 2020, nigahiga was officially the 52nd most subscribed US channel on the video streaming platform.

His most popular videos on YouTube include Nice Guys, with 83 million views, How To Be A Ninja, with 54 million views, and How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists, with 50 million views. 

The Boy Band Era

Not content to make people laugh with his videos, Ryan Higa and friends decided to create their own K-Pop boy band in 2016.

The group was called Boys Generally Asian.

The first single from the parody group, which featured self-deprecating and comedic lyrics, surprisingly peaked at #2 on the iTunes K-Pop charts.

Their next single, which the boys took more seriously, hit #1.

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In Love With A Beauty Queen

In February 2019, Ryan Higa went public about his relationship with Arden Cho.

Arden Cho ex-girlfriend of Ryan Higa

© Guliver / Getty Images

The pair had already been together for “a while” at that point, but had never made it social media official.

Higa’s fans were ecstatic. Arden Cho was a former Miss Korea, the face of Clinique in Asia, and most well-known for her role in the US teen flick, Teen Wolf.

In 2010, Arden appeared on Higa’s channel in the short film Agents of Secret Stuff, and fans had been begging the pair to get together from then on.

Not long after his announcement, Higa posted a video titled ‘Revealing My Not-So-Secret Girlfriend’, featuring the beautiful actress.

Unfortunately, Ryan had to go on record again 13 months later to announce that the relationship was over.

Arden posted several cryptic text posts on her personal Instagram page, with fans speculating that they were directed at her ex-boyfriend—and accusing the YouTube creator of cheating on his girlfriend.

Ryan clapped back, saying, “NO, I did not cheat on Arden at any point throughout our relationship.”

He went on to explain that their breakup was amicable, and something they both wanted.

Since the March 2020 announcement, there have been no speculations about who the comedian and film producer has been dating.

Ryan Higa – Net Worth

So, how much is Ryan Higa worth? Higa earned most of his wealth from ads on his popular YouTube channel, which has over 4.38 billion views — about $13 million in revenue before taxes. Ryan sells merch on Therefore, YouTube star Ryan Higa has an estimated net worth of $10 million. 

Curious about this major content creator? Check out his Nice Guys video here—with 83 million views!

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