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DansGaming Net Worth $1.5 Million

What is DansGaming’s net worth?

DansGaming—also known as Daniel Evans—is a North Carolina Twitch broadcaster and gamer who has a net worth of $1.5 million. He is best known for his prolific streaming schedule on the massive game streaming platform.

He plays a wide variety of games, from old to new, and has over 846,000 subscribers.

Not too bad for someone who describes himself as a regular guy who likes to play games, and is willing to commit 11 years and counting to sharing quality game content with his fans.

DansGaming also uploads streaming highlights on his YouTube channel, which—while it hasn’t amassed the same kind of following as his Twitch stream—still has over 150,000 subscribers.


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Daniel Evans was born on May 29, 1986, in Ohio.

As with most kids of the 80s, he discovered gaming through Super Mario Bros. on the classic Nintendo Entertainment System.

His passion grew from there, through Sega and Nintendo 64 to PlayStation and its many incarnations.

In July 2009, he started streaming—sporadically—as a part-time hobby.

He wasn’t totally committed to streaming as a career at that point.

This is fortuitous since he acknowledges that it took years before he had his first 100 followers.

Eventually, streaming his game time became more and more regularly, and by June 29, 2013, he was streaming full-time every day.

Gaming As A Business


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Despite DansGaming making the move to daily streaming, and his decision to make gaming his career, Evans was smart about the move.

To limit his risk, he scaled back to working part-time—initially reducing his workload to two days per week—and made sure he had a 6-month rent buffer saved up to cover any slump in his channel’s popularity.

He needn’t have worried—DansGaming was a major success on Twitch, and swiftly gathered a reputation for entertainment, education, and high-quality production value.

His fans and followers appreciate that Dan has tried to stay true to his own style, and not try and imitate other Twitch figures to gain popularity.

He is a heavy emote user, as is evidenced by any of his live streams—another factor that draws crowds for the gamer.

There was more to Daniel’s strategy, too. As a savvy internet user and marketer, he was one of the first Twitch streamers to use the horror month tag, where he tests out horror games.

Alongside Twitch icon JustinTV, he used the popular tag to grow his fanbase and increase engagement throughout the year.

Around horror month time, Evan sees a significant boost in view-count. 

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Not All Fun And Games


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Kids across the world may fantasize about one day making major bank just from sitting in their apartments playing video games, but often, that kind of online exposure comes with a price tag.

Daniel Evans has been vocal about that, and he should know.

Despite his massive popularity—and the fact that he gets to play games for a living—it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for the Twitch streamer.

Internet fame takes a lot of behind the scenes work, and constant commitment to building an audience and a catalog of videos.

He also has to work on editing and uploading, deal with the stress of hardware crashes, and keep some pretty unsociable hours—in addition to the general admin tasks involved in running a business.

But according to the gaming sensation, the hardest part of building a career online is definitely the loneliness.

Although he may be engaging with hundreds (even thousands) of gamers on a daily basis, all his social relationships are online.

Essentially, that’s because online is where he spends all his time.


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The sacrifices he has made for his channel can leave him—and other gamers and online personalities like him—isolated from the physical world outside.

Referring to romantic relationships especially—although Dan is currently single—he says if you’re not dating someone already, it’s hard to meet someone when you hardly ever go outside.

DansGaming isn’t alone in his sentiments, either.

Other famous streamers, like Gross Gore, have admitted that things get lonely, and that online trolls can “destroy” your mental health when you’re not balancing the online world with the real world.

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Is DansGaming gay?

Yes, DansGaming is openly gay. “Each year I’m learning to love myself more and be proud of being gay,” Daniel tweeted in June 2022.

Update – in December 2019, DansGaming presented to his followers on Instagram his new boyfriend Kevin.

Net Worth 2024

So, how much is DansGaming worth?

Daniel earned most of his wealth from advertisements on YouTube and streaming on Twitch.

Some of his sponsors are Displate – metal posters and PowerA.

Twitch star DansGaming has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Want to learn more about one of the social media’s most popular gamers? Check out his Twitch stream here.

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