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Ryze Hendricks Net Worth

Ryze Hendricks Net Worth – $500,000

What is Ryze Hendricks’ net worth?


Ryze Hendricks is an American Hip Hop artist, social media influencer, and actor, most well-known for his recently released Weird Bars Album.

A few of his most popular tracks include “I Gets Moolah” and “Heat Vs. Bulls.”

Learn more about Ryze Hendricks’s net worth and his rise to fame.

The Origin Story

We know very little about Ryze Hendricks’s early life as he appears to be a very private person about most of his personal life.

Ryze developed a passion for music early on at the age of 9 and decided it would be his career after performing at a Kentucky State University talent show.

From his posts, we know that he lives in Buffalo, where his mother also lives. “To the strongest woman, I know,” Hendricks wrote on his Instagram in May 2022. He added: “All that u endured to raise me and my siblings … I don’t take that for granted.”

In 2019, he published an album titled “Hendricks.”


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In 2021, Ryze released The Weird Bars.

Ryze’s latest Weird Bars Album is a comedy rap album where he raps lyrics that are nonsensical and designed to get a laugh.

He is also doing a tour based on his Weird Bars Album, which is regularly booked out.

Besides his love for music, Hendricks is also popular for his online comedy sketches and appears to do a lot of videos where he parodies himself as both studio controller and rapper on the mic.


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The rapper version of himself comes out with ridiculous-sounding rap lines that cause his alter-ego soundboard controller to stare in shock.

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Ryze Hendricks is married to a lady named Mallory Hendricks, who refers to herself as Mrs. Ryze on her Facebook page.

She states that she is a mom and bonus mom to 3 amazing boys.


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Ryze Hendricks – Net Worth

So, how much is Ryze Hendricks worth? Ryze Hendricks is popular on TikTok, where he has a few million followers. He also has a growing YouTube channel to showcase his latest music and display his comedic talent. At just a few thousand followers, Ryze’s YouTube channel has not yet reached the level of his TikTok fame, but he also has an active Facebook page with a few hundred thousand followers. Therefore, Ryze Hendricks has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Ryze sells merch on his website —

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